Famous American Women

Ida B. WellsJournalist; writes against lynchins
Billie HolidayJazz singer; “Lady Day”, “Strange Fruit”
Dolley MadisonWar of 1812; preserves American art and culture

Zitkala-SaNative American; Teacher; Writer; Activist about women and Native American rights
Billie Jean KingTennis player; advocate for women in sports and women rights; won “Battle of the Sexes”
SacajaweaAccompanied Lewis and Clark on Corps of Discovery
Lucy StoneWomens rights leader; 1st women college graduate; kept her last name when she married; abolitionist; “Stoner”
Susan B. AnthonyWomens rights leader; helped organize 1848 womens convention at Seneca Falls; First woman to appear on U.S. Currency
Elizabeth Cady StantonWomens rights leader; worked with Susan B. Anthony
Wilma RudolphOlympic track athlete 1960; overcame polio; “Fastest woman in the world”; African American
Shirley ChisolmTeacher; congresswoman; 1st African American woman to appear on presidential ballot
Jane AdamsPacifist; social reformer; social worker who founded Hull House; Chicago; Settlement house for impoverished
Jeanette Rankin1st woman elected to House of Representatives; pacifist; only person to vote against both WWI & WWII
Mother JonesMary Harris; labor leader/agitator; arrested and shot at by U.S. govt for organizing labor; Led “childrens crusade” against childrens labor
Clara BartonFounded American Red Cross; her home became a national monument(1st woman to receive this honor)
Angela DavisMember of U.S. Communist party; Vice President candidate, 1980s, professor at U.C. Santa Cruz, activist, radical, promotes black and civil rights
Maya AngelouAfrican American; author; poet; film director; “I know why the cage bird sings”; Wrote Bill Clintons 1st inaugural poem; worked with Dr. M.L. King Jr.
Wilma Mankiller1st female chief of Cherokee Nation; promotes Indian Rights, self sufficiency
Elizabeth BlackwellFirst medical doctor in the US; British
Harriet Beecher StoweAuthor, “Uncle Toms Cabin”, 1852
Sojourner TruthBorn Isabella Baumfree; African American abolitionist; orator; “Aint I a woman”
Eleanor RooseveltFirst Lady with FDR; social advocate; delegate to the first United Nations
Harriet TubmanAfrican American runaway slave; conductor of underground railroad; “Moses of African Americans”
Oprah WinfreyMedia mogul; Philanthropist; works on childrens issues
Gloria SteinemFeminists; 1960s; former Ms. Magazine; “radical” for her time
Madeline AlbrightJournalist; United Nations ambassador; first US female Secretary of State
Marian AndeisonAfrican-American opera singer; famous for performance at Lincoln Memorial
Bessie ColemanFemale aviator; first African-American female pilot to gain international pilots license
Sandra Day OConnorLawyer; judge; politician; first female Supreme Court Justice
Barbara JordanTexan; lawyer; politician; first African-American female congresswoman from South
AbolitionEnding of slavery
SuffrageRight to vote
TemperanceAttempt to prohibit alcohol