Family Comm Key Terms

blended family
a family that consists of two adults and their children, all of whom are not from the union of their relationship
committed partners
includes married couples who choose to remain child-free or are infertile, cohabitating heterosexual couples, and gay male and lesbian partners who consider themselves a family
constitutive approach
how family members define their families for themselves, challenges the conception of one dominant form of family life
discourse-dependent family
families that rely on communication strategies for external or internal boundary management
external boundary management
when families appear different to outsiders, questions and challenges arise. members reveal or conceal relevant family information
networks of persons who live together over periods of time supporting each other, and as groups of people who have ties of marriage and kinship to one another, according to blood ties and legal ties
family of origin
family or families in which a person is raised
internal boundary management
communication strategies used to maintain members internal sense of wellness
a component of external boundary management that invokes the sanction of law or custom: it positions relationships as genuine and conforming to recognize standards
open adoption
the most common form of adoption involving some level of interaction among biological parents, adoptive parents and the adoptee
primary parent systems
another word for single parent, meaning one parent carrying out all parental obligations while ongoing involvement with the other parent is precluded (prevented)
relationship flourishing
the current focus on well-functioning families that exhibit relationship strengths and how they harness such strengths in face of life stress

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