Fall Exam 1

Specific Antibiotic

  • Gram
  • Affinity

  • Gram <+>
  • Hydrophobic

Non-Specific Antibiotics

  • Gram
  • Affinity

  • Gram <+> & <->
  • Hydrophylic

Which enzyme do ? lactams inhibit?

D-Alanine Transpeptidase


  • By transfering an Acyl group Acylation

What is D-Cycloserine?
What are the 3 AAs that combine to make ?-lactams?

  • L-?-Adipic acid
  • L-Cysteine
  • L-Valine

“an Adipose Cyst is the Valence electron”

How much Penicillin-G = 1 USP unit?
o.6 ug
Primary mechanism of macrolide metabolism


III amine –> I Amine

Preventing AHK

  • 15 member ring
  • OH –> Ether

preventing N-Dealkylation?

  • =o C9

Macrolides Drug resistnce:

Binding site modification

erm Gene


Methylase Modifies Adenosine

I Amine -> III Amine.

Which Macrolide is used exclusively in vets


  • Bone Marrow toxicity
  • Grey baby syndrome

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