Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour Essay

We talk about Importance of Consumer Behavior. Consumer Behavior—Introduction. CRM as a portion of leadorganizer and lead direction with mention to crm. In last two station. we talk about Types of Consumers and Buyer Vs User. Today. I m traveling to speak different factors act uponing consumer behaviour.

Consumer behaviour is affected y a doomed of variables. runing from personal motives. demands. attitudes and values. personality features. socio-economic and cultural background. age. sex. professional position to societal influences of assorted sorts exerted by household. friends. co-workers and society as a whole.

The combinations of these assorted factors produce a different impact on each one of us as manifested in our different behaviour as consumers. You may believe that the best manner of using your one-year economy is to hold a Christmas holiday. but your married woman thinks it is wisest to put in jewelry. while your co-worker considers purchasing portions as the best manner of disbursement nest eggs. Thus you would happen that each individual has his or her ain criterions of judgements and distinguishable behaviour in every facet of his function as a consumer.

But at the same clip. underlying the single differences are similarities which help explicate behaviour of specific types or groups of people. It is these similarities which make it possible for us to sort and analyse the behaviour of single consumers.

Psychological factors such as single consumer demands and motives. perceptual experiences. attitudes. the acquisition procedure and personality features are the similarities which operate across different types of people and act upon their behavior. Amongst the societal influences impacting behavior. we can sort the influences of household. friends. leaders and the societal category to which the consumer belongs.

We shall discourse these factors one by one and see how they influence the individual’s behavior as a consumer.

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