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I declare that this appraisal is my ain work. based on my ain personal research/study. I besides declare that this appraisal. nor parts of it. has non been antecedently submitted for any other unit/module or class. and that I have non copied in portion or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of another pupil and/or individuals. I have read the ACAP Student Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and understand its deductions.

I besides declare. if this is a practical accomplishments appraisal. that a Client/Interviewee Consent Form has been read and signed by both parties. and where applicable parental consent has been obtained.

Part 1.

1. Briefly describe how you could back up Vara to work with her uncertainness and troubles about doing the right picks for her hereafter.

As Vara’s counselor I think I could back up Vara by assisting her discovery a spot more lucidity in her life. She seems to be at a point in her life when she wants to implement some alterations. but she is still somewhat unsure of what she wants. I would get down with unfastened and respectful inquiries. giving Vara an chance to believe further afield than her current state of affairs. As Vara is still somewhat unsure of her ends. I would utilize a wide attack to research some of Vara’s oppositions and past experiences. So that she could place what her strengths are. and the resources that she may hold available to her. Once Vara has identified what some of her ends may be. I could utilize the SMART technique with Vara. I believe that this technique would be good to Vara’s reding. as she could so place if the ends she has chosen are specific. mensurable. come-at-able. realistic and timely.

2. Briefly describe three intercessions you could utilize to back up Vara to derive lucidity and apprehension and do the appropriate alterations in her life.

Three intercessions I could utilize to back up Vara in deriving some apprehension and lucidity. to do the appropriate alterations in her life are. Behavioral intercessions. cognitive intercessions. and interactive ( systemic ) intercessions. I believe behavioral intercessions would be good for Vara. She has stated that over the old ages she has acted ‘the duteous wife’ to pacify her hubby. Using a behavioral intercession can assist Vara develop new behaviors in respects to her relationship with her hubby Alec. She could function play new behaviors in reding to derive some assurance. Cognitive intercessions. cover more with the ideas. beliefs and attitudes that Vara has towards herself and her hubby Alec. Using this intercession can assist Vara believe otherwise about her current state of affairs.

Vara has stated that she is ‘fed up and wants to stop the marriage’ but she is afraid to voice this to her hubby. as she is worried about what his reaction may be. Vara is besides sing feelings of anxiousness in respects to how she will get by on her ain. In reding I think it would be helpful for Vara to place her strengths. so that she can experience more confident. Interactional ( systemic ) intercessions deal with relationship forms with other people. undertakings or state of affairss. Using this intercession will assist Vara place that her relationship with Alec has formed a form. Her function in the relationship is to pacify Alec and move ‘the duteous wife’ . While Alec’s function is to be in control. he is the ‘traditional’ male and expects Vara to be given to his every demand. Vara could utilize function drama in reding to seek a different form of behavior.

3. Identify and briefly depict how you could assist Vara place and utilize her unknown strengths.

I could assist Vara place her unknown strengths. purchase inquiring unfastened respectful inquiries. During Vara’s reding I could assist her place her past accomplishments. Before she married Alec and came to Australia. she worked as a instructor. This type of profession is suited to person who has strength of character. Vara has besides gone out and establish herself a portion clip occupation. and is salvaging her money. so she is more than capable of back uping herself financially. Vara has raised three kids who all seem to be making good in their lives. Vara has the support of her two close friends. Julie and Maria. I would inquire Vara to place. when in her yesteryear she has overcome hardship. what were some of the schemes she used. that were successful in doing alterations.

4. Briefly describe two micro-skills you could utilize to clear up Vara’s feelings about her state of affairss.

Two micro-skills I would utilize to assist Vara clear up her feelings about her state of affairs are Reflection of feelings and contemplation of content and feelings. Contemplation of feelings will guarantee that Vara knows. I have understood how she is experiencing about her state of affairs and that I can sympathize with her. This micro-skill is utile for assisting Vara derive some lucidity about her feelings. For illustration. when Vara describes how she is experiencing about stoping her matrimony. I could state something like this. ‘you’re experiencing fed up’ . Another illustration would be when she talks about whether she should go forth her hubby is. ‘you’re feeling anxious’ and ‘you’re feeling conflicted’ .

Contemplation of content and feelings is another micro-skill I would happen utile for Vara. Contemplation of content and feelings is different to contemplation of feelings. as it combines rephrasing and contemplation of feelings. Again the purpose of this accomplishment is for Vara to hold some lucidity refering her feelings about her state of affairs. For illustration when Vara describes how she is experiencing about stoping her matrimony. I could state something like this. ‘you’re feeling fed up with your relationship’ . When Vara negotiations about whether she should go forth her hubby. I could state. ‘you’re experiencing dying about whether you will pull off on your own’ and ‘you’re feeling conflicted about stoping the relationship with Alec as you still love him’ .

Part 2.

5. Explain how will you supervise and reexamine Vara’s and your ain perceptual experiences of the reding procedure to guarantee it remains of value.

In respects to Vara’s opposition to take any of the stairss she had decided on in earlier Sessionss. I would inquire some unfastened inquiries to find why Vara is immune to taking the stairss she decided on. I could inquire her ‘what stopped you from taking these steps’ . It is more than probably that the stairss Vara decided on taking may hold been excessively ambitious for her at this clip. As Vara has merely had six counselling Sessionss. she may necessitate to take a measure back. and explore her issues a bit more. I would seek to assist Vara recognize that she is in control of her life and finally she is the best justice of her preparedness to alter. In respects to supervising myself during the guidance procedure. I would be holding regular Sessionss with my supervisor. This will assist me place any unsighted musca volitanss I may hold in the guidance Sessionss with Vara. If I felt stuck with Vara. holding a supervisor will guarantee that I have entree to advice from an experient counselor. Supervision is indispensable for my ain well-being and for Vara’s every bit good.

6. Briefly describe how you would react to this break in the guidance procedure.

I would react to Vara’s concerns by stating something like this. ‘although you have been seeing me for six hebdomads now. I am hearing that you are sing feelings of hopelessness and uncertainness. in respects to the effectivity of reding. It might be worthwhile to research the option of seeking some other type of help’ . I would non desire to coerce Vara into go oning with guidance. if she truly felt that it was non assisting her. I would allow her cognize that if she of all time decides to restart reding with me. I would be more than happy to see her once more.

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