F324 module 3

The process that occurs when a gas, liquid or solute is held to the surface of a solid or, more rarely, a liquid.
Chemical shift
A scale that compares the frequency of an NMR absorption with the frequency of the reference peak of TMS at ? = 0?ppm.
A visible record showing the result of separation of the components of a mixture by chromatography.
The process in mass spectrometry that causes a positive ion to spilt into pieces, one of which is a positive fragment ion.
Mobile phase
The phase that moves in chromatography.
Molecular ion, M+
The positive ion formed in mass spectrometry when a molecule loses an electron.
A physically distinctive form of a substance, such as the solid, liquid and gaseous states of ordinary matter.
Retention time
The time for a component to pass from the column inlet to the detector.
Stationary phase
The phase that does not move in chromatography.
The ease with which a liquid turns into a gas. Volatility increases as boiling point decreases.

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