Planned or unplanned >4 hours
One F-01 /F-32 /F-91 C of F holder per 50,000 square feet

Fire guard
A person holding a certificate of fitness for such purposes who is trained in and responsible for maintaining a fire watch and performing such fire safety duties as may be prescribed by the commissioner

Fire watch
A temporary measure intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building detecting early signs of fire

Any condition in which a fire protection system cannot perform it’s designed fire safety function sprinkler systems standpipe /hose carbon dioxide wet/dry chemical foam/water

Impairment coordinator
The person designated by the owner and responsible for ensuring the proper notification and safety precautions are taken when a fire protection system is out of service

Planned out of service condition
Aware in advance of any planned removal from service of a standpipe system sprinkler system or fire alarm system or system component

Unplanned out of service condition
Empty tanks breaks or major leaks in the system water piping which render a standpipe system sprinkler system or fire alarm system

Requirements and duties
Fire guards must have a general knowledge of portable fire extinguishers.
If the fire extinguishers and/or fire alarm pull station is available in their areas of responsibility they must know their locations

1. The egress routes of the affected area

2.the information of the extent of the out-of-service condition.

3. The location of hazardous materials that are stored handled or used in the building included fuel oil storage tanks;

4.the location of portable fire extinguishers

5.the means available for the fire guard to make required notification

Fire safety director
If there is no fire safety director available in the building the fire guard should become familiar with the specifics of the building from the building owner or the responsible person designated by the building owner

(A) the dangerous level of the hazardous materials.
Flammable liquids and more dangerous than combustible liquids

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