Exploring Management chapter 6

Improvement objectives
documented intentions to improve performance in a specific way
After-action review
a process that identifies lessons learned from a completed project, task force assignment, or special operation
Managing by objectives
a process of joint objective setting between a superior and subordinate
ISO certification
recognition that a company conforms with a rigorous set of international quality standards
Input standard
a measure of work efforts that go into a performance task
Internal control
a control method that works through self-discipline and self-control
Concurrent control
control process that focuses on what happens during the work process
Personal development objectives
documented intentions to accomplish personal growth through knowledge and skills development.
Inventory control
a business control that ensures that inventory is only big enough to meet immediate needs
Feedforward control
a control process that provides clear directions and needed resources before the work begins
Market control
is essentially the influence of market competition on the behavior of organizations and their members
Clan control
method of influencing behavior through norms and expectations set by the organizational culture
Output standard
measures performance results in terms of quantity, quality, cost, or time
External control
a control process that occurs through direct supervision or administrative systems
Management by exception
a management technique that focuses attention on differences between actual and desired performance
Bureaucratic control
influences behavior through authority, policies, procedures, job descriptions, budgets, and day-to-day supervision
the process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results
Feedback control
a control process that takes place after completing an action
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