Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition Module 2

An organism that causes disease

An organism that feeds on dead matter

An organism that feeds on a living host

Aerobic organism
An organism that requires oxygen

Anaerobic organism
An organism that does not require oxygen

Steady state
A state in which members of a population die as quickly as new members are born

Exponential growth
Population growth that is unhindered because of the abundance of resources for an ever-increasing population

Logistic growth
Population growth that is controlled by limited resources

A temporary union of two organisms for the purpose of DNA transfer

A small, circular section of extra DNA that confers one or more traits to a bacterium and can be reproduced separately from the main bacterial genetic code

The transfer of a DNA segment from a nonfunctional donor cell to that of a functional recipient cell

The process in which infection by a virus results in DNA being transferred from one bacterium to another

The DNA and other essential parts of a bacterium coated with several hard layers

Organisms from the same species that have markedly different traits

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