Explaining the Mysteries in the Story “Lucky” by Viet Dinh Essay Essay

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Viet Dinh’s short narrative is about the alteration in relationship between a adult male and his Aunt and Uncle. Jae. the chief character in the narrative used to wish his Uncle Sung and Aunt Kwi better than his ain parents but all of a sudden had a alteration of bosom because of an incident he experienced. Jae had been working in his Uncle Sung’s shop when it was robbed one twenty-four hours. The robber put a gun against Jae’s temple and demanded for hard currency. Although the robber had acquired the contents of the hard currency registry. he besides demanded Uncle Sung’s billfold. endangering to set a hole in Jae’s caput.

While Jae had been terrified with his current state of affairs. fearing for his life. Uncle Sung acted as if his nephew were non in a dangerous state of affairs. declining to give up his billfold. In the terminal. Uncle Sung bribed Jae $ 20 for his silence. Despite of his Uncle Sung’s petition for him to maintain silent. Jae told his Aunt Kwi what truly happened during the incident trusting to acquire the understanding of his Aunt. To Jae’s discouragement. Aunt Kwi besides requested for his silence. Jae was merely 12 old ages old during the incident.

While Jae’s alteration of bosom in his relationship with his Aunt and Uncle is apprehensible. there are some enigmas in the narrative. First. why would Uncle Sung and Aunt Kwi non desire Jae to state others what truly happened during the robbery? What would Uncle Sung carry through or acquire by non stating the truth or by reinventing the narrative? Surely. Uncle Sung has nil to make with the whole incident and he was a victim every bit much as Jae was. Second. why were Uncle Sung and Aunt Kwi still mad at Jae 16 old ages after the robbery incident when it did non truly did them any injury whether Jae told the existent narrative or non?

As a affair of fact. they were the 1s who should be sorry for what they did to their nephew. Third. Jae’s feelings towards his Aunt and Uncle were non truly resolved. The replies to these inquiries were non really clear from the narrative but I will try to happen the logic behind such actions by the characters. The reply to the first enigma may be found in Uncle Sung’s sense of escapade. At the beginning of the narrative. Jae. who was besides the storyteller. related how Uncle Sung died. Uncle Sung. with all his net income from his concerns. was able to purchase different autos. all of them built for velocity.

Uncle Sung died while driving one of these athleticss autos. where he seemingly lost control. likely rushing on a expressway. Jae held that he ever felt danger around Uncle Sung. Uncle Sung’s sense of escapade was evident during the robbery by maintaining his cool despite the presence of dangerous danger that he bragged about it in a get-together after the robbery. He even rebuked Jae for moving cowardly during the whole incident while go forthing out the of import portion that Jea had been held confined.

The first enigma could besides be solved by Uncle Sung’s hoggishness with money. It was evident during the robbery incident that money was more of import for Uncle Sung than the lives of his workers. particularly of Jae who was held confined by the robber. enforcing a existent menace to his life. Although. the robber was demanding for his billfold. Uncle Sung acted as if he did non care about Jae’s life hanging in the balance. He told the robber that he did non hold his billfold at the minute although he had it in his pocket all along.

Although Jae ended up maintaining his life. Uncle Sung refused to give the robber his billfold in exchange for Jae’s life. That Uncle Sung held his money more of import than anything else is shown besides by his attitude sing money. By corrupting Jae. he hoped to purchase Jae’s silence. and by giving a big amount of money during Jae’s nuptials. he hoped to pacify Jae. Uncle Sung regarded money so much as to believe he could purchase people with it. as through the manifestation of their silence or blessing.

Note that this attitude of Uncle Sung works in tandem with his being adventuresome to work out the first enigma. By inquiring Jae to be soundless. Uncle Sung hoped the blessing of those who heard his version of the incident. that he would derive their esteem by maintaining his cool despite the terrifying incident. To to the full carry through this. nevertheless. it was of import for him to go forth out the portion that he put Jae’s life on the line. which besides saved him hard-earned money in his billfold. Having found the reply to the first enigma. the solution to the 2nd becomes evident.

Uncle Sung and Aunt Kwi were still mad at Jae because they held honor an of import facet. even though this award was non truly earned. Knowing the existent narrative of what happened during the robbery and his evident refusal to maintain silent. Jae represented a menace to Uncle Sung’s award. Although it was truly non clear whether or non Jae told the narrative to others. he at least told it to his parents. as could be shown with their understanding why Jae would non desire to see or be associated with his Uncle Sung. In fact. the whole incident was the ground why a strain in the drawn-out family’s relationship developed.

Uncle Sung and Aunt Kwi were still mad at Jae because. after all that they had done for their nephew. he still refused to maintain soundless endangering the repute his uncle worked difficult to accomplish. They held that Jae’s refusal to maintain silent is a mark of non merely his discourtesy for them but besides of his ungratefulness towards what they did for him and his household. Again. it displayed Uncle Sung’s attitude towards money. that he expected Jae and his household non to traverse him by assisting Jae’s household on their concern. Unfortunately. the 3rd enigma could non truly be solved from the solutions to the first two enigmas.

Although Jae agreed to come to his uncle’s aftermath. it is unsure whether or non he had already forgiven his uncle for seting him in danger and inquiring him to maintain silent. Possibly he agreed to come. merely as he was urged to hold to ask for Uncle Sung in his nuptials. because of his parents’ pressing that Uncle Sung is still a household member. However. in his uncle’s aftermath. Jae told his Aunt Kwi that his uncle looked so peaceable. It is ill-defined whether this was a mark of him doing peace with his uncle or non and it does non assist cognizing the reaction of his aunt.

Aunt Kwi. after hearing what Jae has to state. pushed him away stating that he was thankless. There are two plausible solutions why Aunt Kwi may hold acted the manner she did. First. she still may keep a score against Jae for being noncompliant towards Uncle Sung. There is nevertheless a defect in this solution. It was evident that Aunt Kwi was forestalling for the relationship between her hubby and Jae from acquiring any worse through her action during Jae’s nuptials. wherein she tried to set her hubby at easiness while Uncle Sung was knocking Jae in forepart of other people.

By forestalling her hubby from stating any further that may destroy Jae’s repute. despite of the fact that she disapproved of what Jae had decided to travel against their wants. so it is possible that Aunt Kwi no longer keep any score against Jae. The 2nd plausible solution why Aunt Kwi acted towards Jae the manner she did during the aftermath was that she may hold found no earnestness in Jae. Remember that Jae was merely urged by his parents to come to the funeral and it is all excessively possible that Jae went merely because of this and non because of his desiring to pay regard and testimonial for his uncle.

Looking into his eyes. Aunt Kwi may hold concluded of this fact and so pushed Jae off while saying her discouragement towards him and his being thankless. that after all the old ages and after his uncle has already passed off. Jae was still unforgiving. Stating this. the solution to the 3rd enigma may be that Jae still has non forgiven Uncle Sung. This could besides be established by the fact that Jae does non O.K. of his uncle’s adventurism. as is evident by saying that he ever knew Uncle Sung would decease in the expressway and that he ever felt danger around him.

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