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This paper will explicate what the three is, and how the Father Son and Holy Spirit are connected to each other and to us as worlds. In add-on to explicate the three and heir maps we will travel through some of the false positions, and current unorthodoxies affecting the three. The false positions and unorthodoxies that will be discussed are Arianism, Modalism, Unitarianism, and Jehovah ‘s Witnesses. In decision I will discourse my personal position and understand of the Trinity.

What is the Three?

When we as Christians speak about the Trinity, we are talking about the 3 individuals of the God caput. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are names of the individuals that make up the Three. God is a Triune Being, the Trinity is found in the really early chapters of the Bible, in Genesis 1:26, God said, “ Let us do adult male in our image ” , Genesis 11:7, God said, “ allow us travel down ” , the footings “ us ” and “ our ” are clearly mentioning to the Holy Trinity. The three individuals in the Three are distinguishable, and separate but all in one. There is merely one God, Isaiah 44:6 says “ Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the first and I am the last, and there is no God besides Me, ” . The Father is non the same individual as the Son ; the Son is non the same individual as the Holy Spirit ; and the Holy Spirit is non the same individual as the Father. They are non three Gods and non three existences. The Father is God 1Corinth 8:6, Jesus is God John 1:1, and the Holy Spirit is God 1 Corinth 6:19. Jesus, the Son, is one individual with two natures: Divine and Human. The Holy Spirit is besides godly in nature and is self cognizant. They are in absolute perfect harmoniousness dwelling of one substance. There is merely one Divine Nature, even though there are several parts, for illustration we all have one organic structure even though there are many parts like custodies, pess, weaponries, legs, caput etc. the caput is non the organic structure, the tummy is non the organic structure, our legs are non the organic structure but all of those things make up indispensable parts of our organic structure. The Trinity work together, but they each have separate maps through the power of God. The Father created us and take us ; “ Harmonizing as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the universe, that we should be holy and without incrimination before him in love. ” Ephesians 1:4. The Son Redeems, ” In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of wickednesss, harmonizing to the wealths of his grace ” Ephesians 1:7. The Holy Spirit seals, Ephesians 1:13-14 “ In him you besides, when you heard the word of truth, the Gospel of your redemption, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, 14A who is the warrant of our heritage until we get ownership of it, to the congratulations of his glorification ” .

False Views of the Trinity & A ; Heresies affecting the Three

Let ‘s acquire into the false positions and unorthodoxies about the Three. These are belief ‘s, and faiths that either took a individual portion or parts of God ‘s word and whirl it into their ain understand and belief ; or are beliefs that a big group of people started to believe because of one or a twosome of people who seemed intelligent had a strong thought and what seemed similar reasonable stuffs to endorse them up.

Let ‘s get down with Jehovah ‘s Witnesss, The chief false philosophies taught by the Jehovah ‘s Witnesss are: that God is non a Three, that Jesus Christ did non physically lift from the dead, that there will be no actual and physical 2nd coming of Christ, and that there will be no topographic point of ageless torture for the wicked. The Satan is really cunning, this faith seems to wholly except Eden and snake pit, and they seem to non believe in the power of God. They try different attacks as a manner to do you believe or to be a Jehovah ‘s Witness, one is to state people that Jesus can non be God because He was created. The poetry they base this on is, Colossians 1:15, “ And He is the image of the unseeable God, the first-born of all creative activity. ” The Jehovah ‘s Witnesss say Christ is the first-born which they say agencies, “ foremost created being of God. ” The Jehovah ‘s Witnesss say that Jesus can non be God since He was created. If we go back to the first chapter of Genesis, “ Then God said, “ Let us do world in our image, in our similitude ” Genesis 1:26. Again, it proves them incorrect ; Bible is really clear on who Jesus is. It does n’t count if you believe in Jesus, the inquiry is do you have the right Jesus? There are many Jesus ‘ all over the universe. The Mormons, Cultists, and the Muslims all have a different thought about who Jesus is. They believe in Jesus but it is non the Jesus Who we as Christians believe is the 2nd individual in the Three who came to earth to demo us the manner and to salvage us. Unless you get to cognize the existent Jesus from the Bible you will die. Just believing in the name Jesus is non plenty, all the cults and false faiths believe in Jesus but, the lone Jesus that is traveling to take us to heaven is Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our wickednesss. If you do non believe in the Trinity, and the word of the Lord in the Bible that was written as a bluish print for us to follow here on Earth, you ‘ll be broad unfastened, and perchance be attracted to a cult or a false Jesus or faith. We ca n’t trust on our ain logical thinking, because that ‘s how we fall into cults, and false faiths. People ‘s human logical thinking is the concluding authorization when it comes to cults, when we take God out of things we will ever stop up on a bad route to nowhere. When we do n’t take God at His word in religion, cults form and they ever add, subtract or disregard the written word of God. When you do any film editing or dissecting of the Word of God in any manner He is non in it, and it will ever maneuver you in the incorrect way. We must retrieve that the Satan comes to steel putting to deaths and destroy, which is why a batch of the cults and false faiths have giving, they are secluded, and the people who are in them are so badly damaged and encephalon washed that it is difficult for them to even grok how deep in the darkness they are. There is no gray country when it comes to the Word of God it ‘s either black or white, either we trust in work forces or the word of God.

Another False position of the three is Unitarianism, they do n’t truly hold a belief they are doubting about any one individual or tradition possessing the whole truth. Basically, it seems as though they take “ free will ” to the extreme. Unitarians suggest that human differences of sentiment and life style should be seen as potentially originative and enriching, instead than needfully destructive. Despite the deficiency of a credo, Unitarianism does non let members to believe anything. This makes no sense, if they do n’t “ let ” people to believe in anything so why is at that place a regulation that they do n’t believe in any one faith? It seems as though they are traveling back on their ain regulation or beliefs. All Unitarians: support freedom of spiritual idea, establish their spiritual thoughts on rational idea instead than external authorization form their spiritual rules from scruples, thought and life ‘s experiences, digest a broad scope of spiritual thoughts, including humanitarianism. These are the people who are a portion of the “ Co-Exist ” motion. Yes, we are to love every one, but we are non supposed to idolize other Gods, the Earth, etc. These people believe that we are to esteem other people picks in whom or what they believe in, which means that we are n’t supposed to be fruit inspectors like the word of God says, we are n’t to rectify each other in love, and we are n’t to convey each other to Christ. Even though it seems like they want no controlled environment, it seems really controlled. Unitarians believe that, everyone has the right to seek truth and significance for themselves, utilizing their mind ; their scruples and their ain experience of life. By believing in your ain mind, you are excluding the Holy Spirit, and without the Holy Spirit we have no manner to be connected to God to take us in the manner in which we should travel. They say that the best scene for happening spiritual truth and significance is an environment that welcomes each person for themselves, complete with their beliefs, uncertainties and inquiries. Unitarians are unconvinced by thoughts of God as an almighty Being who demands congratulations and obeisance in return for the promise of single redemption. Which, leads us to believe that they do n’t, honour or esteem God as the all knowing and powerful Godhead. They are besides really baffled, because they are n’t following the bluish print that God put here for us to follow which is the Bible ; they all read different things.

Arianism was a Christian unorthodoxy that came approximately early in the fourth century by the Alexandrian presbyter Arius. It affirmed that Christ is non truly Godhead but a created being, and the Arius figure 1 focal point was the singularity of God, who is entirely self-existent and changeless. They believe that the Son, who is non self-existent, can non be God. An ascetical, moral leader of a Christian community in the country of Alexandria, Arius attracted a big following through a message incorporating Neo-Platonism, which accented the absolute unity of the deity as the highest flawlessness, with a actual, rationalist attack to the New Testament texts. Christ was viewed as the most perfect animal in the stuff universe, whose moral unity led him to be “ adopted ” by God as a boy but remained a secondary divinity or Logos which is unlike the ageless, uncreated Father and subordinate to his will. They say or believe that the Godhead is alone, it can non be shared or communicated so that the Son can non be God ; and because the Godhead is changeless, the Son, who is changeable, and because He is represented in the Gospels as capable to growing and alteration, He can non be God. The Arianist ‘s deemed Jesus as a animal that has been called into being out of nil and has had a beginning. Arianists say that the Son can non hold any direct cognition of the Father since the Son is finite and of a different order of being. This merely makes no sense at all, it seems as though they are losing the whole point that that three is how we are all connected to God, and how non merely did He go forth us His word to follow, He gave us a physical illustration of his word through Christ on Earth, and because He loved us so much when Christ died for our wickednesss He gave us the Holy Spirit. The instruction of Arius aroused a great contention in the early decennaries of the 4th century. This contention grew so strong that at the invitation of the Emperor Constantine, the Council of Nicaea convened in 325 A.D. to settle the difference among the churches of the imperium over the philosophy of the Trinity. The chief issue was between Arius with his signifier of tritheism and Athanasius with the Orthodox philosophy of the Trinity. The Nicene Creed that resulted from this council overthrew the unorthodoxy of Arius and tritheism with an bete noire at the terminal of the credo. By the clip of the Council of Nicaea, both modalism, particularly that of Sabellius, and tritheism had been defeated. As a crisp contrast to modalism, tritheism is the belief in three Supreme beings, particularly in the philosophy that the three Persons of the Three are three distinguishable Gods. Harmonizing to tritheism, the Father, Son, and Spirit are three separate Supreme beings. Even today, some say that the Father is one God, that the Son is one God, and that the Spirit is besides one God. Whenever the differentiations of the Persons of the Godhead are pressed excessively far, the consequence will be tritheism. A signifier of tritheism is represented by the philosophy of Arius. In Arius ‘ preparation, the Father was to the full God, the Son had the position of the prima animal, and the Spirit was inferior to the Son. Although for Arius the Godhead position of the Son and the Spirit was unsure, his expression must be considered as a type of tritheism. As Christians reading about these unorthodoxies, we may believe that this is hideous. This so is hideous, but to the people who complicated the word of God and got into their ain egos or manner of thought and take their ain mind alternatively of taking God at His word, they wholly took the Three to a whole other topographic point. It seems as though there was a spirit of green-eyed monster, as we read through all of these false positions and unorthodoxies, and who does that sound like? Satan thought that he was on the same degree as God, and was kicked out of Eden. Satan creates confusion, these people are confused, they seem to merely honour God because they do n’t look like they do n’t desire to believe that God is the Alfa and Omega and that He is a God of order and is all powerful. They seem to non desire to believe that He can make anything that He chooses to with this universe He created. They seem to lose that fact that since He is a God of order that Him being a Three is Him demoing his power, love and order to us. It ‘s like they think that because there is a three they think that would be seting something between us and God, and by them excluding the Son and the Holy Spirit they have wholly missed out on our connexion to God and our redemption. They seem to desire to be on the same degree as God, they are making, adding and deducting from the original stated of how God wanted things to be. By making this they are n’t honouring and esteeming God they are rupturing down what He has put in topographic point for us.

The last false position I would wish to talk about is Modalism, the modalistic construct of the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are non every bit and everlastingly co-existent, but are three consecutive manifestations of God, or three impermanent manners of His activity. Modalism is a signifier of Unitarianism ; it denies that God in His ain inner being is triune. They claim that the Father, Son, and Spirit are either impermanent or consecutive functions adopted by God in transporting out the Godhead program of salvation and that they do n’t match to anything in the ultimate nature of the Godhead. Modalism does non acknowledge the independent personality of Christ, but regards the embodiment as a manner of the being or manifestation of the Father. The modalists believe that the Father, Son, and Spirit merely refers to the manner God reveals Himself, but bear no relation to His inner being. This all came approximately shortly after the New Testament was completed ; some began to believe that it made more sense to believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are truly three manifestations of the same Person looking in different manners. In the last century, a modern signifier of Modalism is frequently called the ‘Oneness ‘ or ‘Jesus merely ‘ philosophy. Trinitarians and modalists who attempt to discourse their differences frequently experience defeat. One of the grounds for this is that they are get downing with different Ideas ; which I would wish to province once more is confusion of God ‘s word. Modalists assume that the word ‘God ‘ has the significance of ‘One Divine Person. ‘ Trinitarians do non presume this ; to the Trinitarian, the word ‘God ‘ can denote any or all of the Divine Persons, depending on the context. The same premise is made about the significance of other words. A good illustration of this that was given is, Modalism takes the word ‘Spirit ‘ to intend ‘one individual who is a Spirit, ‘ ‘Lord ‘ to intend ‘one individual who is Lord, ‘ etc. The integrity of God is the chief subject of the Old Testament, in some transitions the multipersonal nature of God is seen when we take a expression at Genesis 1:26 and 3:22, or Isaiah 6:8 and 48:12-17. In the New Testament is where we acquire a clear apprehension of the Trinity. Let ‘s expression at the beginning of the book of John, it starts out by stating, “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him ; and without him was non anything made that was made ” ( John 1:1-3 ) . Three things are really clear in this transition, # 1 the Word was God. This shows us that the Word had the character and nature of God ; God was the word and the word was God. # 2 the personal pronoun him is applied to the Word, bespeaking that the Word is a personal being. # 3 the Word was with God. The term with indicates that the Word was non the same Person as the One with whom he was, One who is besides referred to as God. When we look at the history of modalism toward the terminal of the 2nd century emerged a signifier of learning called Monarchianism. Modalism is a signifier of Monarchianism. The word Monarchianism comes from the Grecian word monarchia which means the regulation of one adult male. The Monarchians were concerned about the Godhead integrity or “ Monarchy ” , the dominant rule was that God is one. As an account of the treble disclosure of God, Monarchianism was aimed at excepting the thought that Christians worshipped three Gods. Along with keeping this rule, the modalistic Monarchians besides wanted to asseverate the full deity of Christ. As I stated supra, we see, that the modalists really sacrificed Christ ‘s independent personality, unifying it into the kernel of the Father. Modalism was popular among the simple trusters ; it seemed like for them the best manner of protecting their belief in one God against tritheistic corruptness.

My personal position of the Three

My position of the Trinity is that God is superb, He is merely astonishing. I ‘m so Glad that I ‘m non confused, and I ‘m so glad that He loved me adequate to direct Jesus to salvage me, and that the Holy spirit lives inside of me. The Three shows us how God is all knowing and all powerful, and it genuinely shows us His love for us. He made us in love ; He made certain that we had everything that we needed before he even created the first Human being. Even though Eve disobeyed Him in the Garden, He loved us adequate to give us Jesus to salvage us from traveling to Hell. He continued to demo us His love by go forthing us the Holy Spirit to be with us and to steer us while we are populating on Earth. The program of God is so perfect and it besides shows us that he did cognize us before He formed us in our female parents ‘ uterus ; He knows when and how we will fall because of our free will. He gave us the Bible, which is still giving us Himself. It is our map on how we should populate our lives, what we should make in any state of affairs, and gives us way. The Bible is prophetic frontward, it tells us what was, what is, and what is to come. This helps us to understand the Trinity even farther, because the Bible shows us all tree at work. When we see all three at work we see how powerful God is, He can make anything. God knows that Satan is a prankster, and he would do us to oppugn His word, He made the word flesh through Jesus. So, non merely can we keep God in our custodies through the bible, if we have any inquiry about what we are keeping because we ca n’t see the physical manifestation of it ; He so made His word flesh. Jesus is the seeable manifestation of the word of God. Jesus is physical cogent evidence that God is existent and His word is true. How amazing is it that since Jesus had to decease to salvage us, God continues to demo us His power and love through the Holy Spirit who is still alive in us today. This shows that His program is true, every bit good as his word. God said in His word, that he would ne’er go forth us nor abandon us, which is another ground for the Holy Spirit. We should hold no inquiry about the three, we should n’t hold to blend up His word, and when uncertainty creeps in because person or a group of people have been tricked buy the enemy we should ever travel back to the word. We focus excessively much on other things alternatively of cognizing and understand Gods word. What do we make when we are seeking to understand how something goes together when we do n’t look at the waies believing that we can construct something on our ain we get confused, the thing that we try to construct is distorted and deformed. What do we hold to make at that point to do it right, we go back to the waies so that we can construct it right. That ‘s what we must make travel back to the instructions of the individual who created it. That is precisely How God works, He is the conceiver, and He gave us the waies to populate our lives, He gave us a seeable illustration Through Jesus on what we are supposed to be, and so He gave us the Holy Spirit so that we could go on to stand right. Without the Holy Spirit we wo n’t understand Gods word, the Holy Spirit Gives us understanding. The Spirit of God is really touchable, we can experience Him when something is incorrect, and we can experience Him when we are aching because He is our sympathizer. The Three shows us how God is the True writer and closer of our religion.

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