Explain the difference between position push-pull strategies?

Push stragety
a marketing strategy that uses aggressive personal selling and trade advertising to convince a wholesaler or a retailer to carry and sell.
Push stragety
Jamaican Toursim Board Targets promotions to travel agencies, which in turn, tell their customers about the benefits of vacationing in Jamaica.
Push stragety
Manufacturer promotes wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, retailer to consumer, and costumer buys from retailer
Pull stragety
Marketing strategy that stimulates consumer demand to obtain product distribution.
Pull strategy
Manufacturer promotes to consumer-consumer demands product from retailer- retailer demands product from wholesaler- Wholesaler to manufacturer.
Procter & Gamble
recently spent $100 million on an advertising campaign to promote a new toothpaste brand. P&G new Crest Pro-Health claims to deliver in one tube.

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