Experiments on animals can never be justified Essay

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Last year over 200 million animals worldwide were poisoned, scalded, burned, turned into drug addicts or alcoholics, given diseases such as cancer or arthritis, crippled, blinded, starved and brain damaged this is the price we pay for animal experimentations. As members of the human society we live by moral codes designed to protect our weaker members. We take care of the sick, the disabled and punish those who are violent towards others, these qualities are part of being human, but we have a darker side.

A selfish cruel side that is responsible for destruction and violence. It is due to these aspects of human nature which vivisection (animal experimentation) appeals. We experiment on animals because they are powerless to stop us and we count their pains as unimportant when measured against our own interests, we live unhealthy lives and make animals suffer in the search of cures for our ills. We even see the production of a new lipstick or oven cleaner as a good enough reason to inflict pain on animals.The experiments carried out on animals are painful, they are shocked, burned alive, maimed and poisoned till they die, like us the animals have an advanced nervous system, even so there are still tests which measures the pain, they are put on to hot metal plates, dipping their tails into boiling water and injecting acid into their stomach so that when the stomach bursts, the acid in the stomach that itself produces would literally “eat” and “digest” the animal itself.

Other tests include “safety” tests where ingredients such as paints, weed killers, dyes and a whole range of other products are tested on animals to try to discover whether they are “safe” for people to use, the substance is force fed into the animals to find out how much will kill them, but before death the animals can suffer internal bleeding, vomiting, convulsions and paralysis. Most scientists agree that this test is too crude to be of any use but companies use the data from the tests to protect themselves when being sued by injured customers.Other tests include, poisoning the animals in specially designed Nazis style gas chambers. Animals maybe maimed, practise being a target for real bullets from snipers, blown apart to test for mines and poisoned with chemical gases, these tests are used by the army to find a more effective way of killing humans, animals are also deliberately driven mad, starved to death, brain damaged and stopped from sleeping, given a chemical called formalin to create non-stop pain and the animals of these tests turn cannibalistic and will start eating itself if not restrained.

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