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Existentialists are normally seen as being distressed with human debasement. Something seen as ugly and negative or every bit related to naturalists. However existential philosophers are more than that. In fact. existential philosophy is the plants of a instrumentalist or a poet. The clear definition of existential philosophy is non what is normally seen as negativeness or as naturalists. Sartre tells us ‘it can be defined easy. ’ Existentialism purposes at stressing ‘the single character they are philosophising. ’ There are two different types of existential philosophers that are confused with each other.

The first of the two types is the existential philosophers who are Christian and the 2nd is the unbelieving existential philosophers. Atheistic existential philosophers make more sense because they are non Christians. nature. or God centered. Existentialism prefers hominocentric that is centered on worlds non God. As the lector said. they are tired of people speaking about metaphysics. Yet both portion one similar thing in common. they both think that being precedes kernel. Kernel is a peculiar object. it is all around us. Yet as worlds. our being precedes kernel because we are non objects in the universe.

The manner we identify ourselves is different from the manner other things are identified. The manner we identify ourselves from objects and animate beings otherwise is the picks we make that defines us. Freedom is what enables us to do picks and is besides what sets worlds apart from ordinary things and animate beings. Worlds are ever invariably going who they are for their ego definition is ne’er complete. Sartre believes that ‘a adult male is nil but what he makes himself. ’ That is the first rule of existential philosophy. The adult male must be cognizant of the province of being undefinable as the first measure because he is nil at first.

“‘I think. therefore I exist’ is the absolute truth of consciousness going aware of itself. ” Merely so will that adult male become something. his actions sets his life. His picks are doing himself a portion of who he will be in his hereafter. These picks can be overpowering because these picks come with great duty. Here Sartre tells us that a ‘man has a human nature. the construct of the human. is found in all which means that each adult male is a peculiar illustration of a cosmopolitan construct. ’ There is more to a man’s duty than to its ain single ego for it besides applies to all work forces.

There are those. called cowards and rotters. who do non accept this duty by their determination because they are either concealing from it or merely decline to take it. When cowards make picks they raise alibis such as they were influence by others to take this manner. Cowards lets others take for them and hence cowards allow others place them the manner the others want to. Sartre says that ‘cowardice is the act of abdicating or giving. ’ Cowards are those with an uneasy scruples. However the rotters do non desire this duty. They make picks as for their ain person and non for all work forces.

Then there are those who choose duty for themselves and for everyone else known as genuineness. They are making a certain image of adult male that seems fit to all work forces. Authenticity is the existentialist value. It does non allow others specify them but keep them responsible in taking themselves and they choose work forces. Worlds are condemned with freedom because we are left forlorn and wantonness. Yet who is doing us experiencing this manner? In this hominocentric belief. the decease of God does. his intent does non function here. This is why we make picks freely with no rules to adhere us.

Sartre says there is nil written of the being of God and we live in a universe filled with work forces. Worlds live in anxiousness because there truly is no usher to their picks. They live in anxiousness because of the fright they are non being right. Work forces are abandoned and left in human status. The uncertainness is the ground why life is awful. Since there is no God. there are cosmopolitan duties. The feeling of being alone with no God and no regulations to assist us with our cosmopolitan duties ; we are invariably faced with some easy and difficult state of affairss in our mundane life. Every state of affairs is different every clip.

easy state of affairss. you are taking either the good picks or the bad picks. as human you usually will take the good picks. On the other manus. difficult picks are covering with two good picks. Despite the hard picks. there are no incorrect picks you can easy call off out and the bigger issue is there is no footing for picks. No 1 can state you how to do your ain determination except yourself. ‘Reality entirely is what truly counts. that dreams. outlooks. and hopes warrant no more than to specify a adult male as a defeated dream. as miscarried hopes. as conceited outlooks. ’ This is where the value system is formed.

Your precedences help you isolate the pick that is non a higher value than the other pick. Yet when the precedences are non clear. anxiousness rises and the force per unit area can sometimes be overbearing. When feelings interfere with determinations. it can turn into one large circle. You don’t cognize what you are making unless you exactly experience it. on the other manus. you don’t cognize what you are exactly experiencing unless you are making it. Feelingss will acquire in the manner of our judgement of taking. Existentialists place passion as an alibi and a man’s duty. Fortunately. our moral character eases our determinations for we will govern out picks that seem unfit.

We ever tend to take the good as we are taking the good for all. Sartre is an unbelieving existential philosopher who does non believe in God. Sartre believes that if he was mistaken about the being of God so life would still be the same as if there was no God. We still will confront the great duty and be entirely with our freedom. There would be no difference. we still have to do our picks entirely. No affair if we are a coward. a rotter. or reliable. our future relies to a great extent on our actions that is organizing it. At any minute we don’t recognize which one can alter our life. That is what makes life exciting.

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