Exercise 10

The study of articulations, or joints, is called

What kind of joint (based on joint composition or structure) is one in which the bones are held together by collagenous fibers?
Fibrous Joint

When two bones fuse into a single bone, this unions is called a

The teeth are held in the jaw by what specific kind of joint?

What kind of joint is slightly movable and is held together by fibrous connective tissue?

Name all the fontanels in the fetal skull:
Occipital (Posterior) Fontanel, Sphenoidal (Anterolateral) Fontanels, Mastoid (Posterolateral) Fontanels

Which one of the fontanels is the most dorsal?
Occipital Fontanel

In terms of their structural composition, bones that are held together by cartilage (cartilaginous joints) are also known as

The epiphyseal plate is a cartilaginous joint. It is also called a
Synchondroses (Immoveable Joint)

What is the name of a joint that is held together by a joint capsule?
Synovial Joint

Synovial fluid is secreted by what structure?
Synovial Membrane

A skull suture is what kind of joint, in terms of movement?
Synarthrotic Joint

Rank the following joints in terms of least movable to most movable, with I being the least movable and 5 being the most movable
Suture, Syndesmosis, Gliding, Saddle, Ball-and-Socket

Which one of the following joints has the greatest range of movement?

In which of these joints would you find a meniscus?

What is the function of the meniscus in the knee?
Provides cushion between femur and tibia





What is the function of the labrum in the shoulder joint?
Deepens the glenoid fossa

The joint between the trapezium and the first metacarpal is what kind of joint?

A class of joint with great movement is a

The joint between the scapula and the humerus is what type of joint?
Ball and socket

What kind of joint is located at the wrist (between the radius and the scaphoid bone)?
Condyloid Joint

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