Senate confirmation is required for the following presidential appointments: Secretary of state, Director of the FBI, and Attorney General EXCEPT
the White House Chief of Staff
Since the 1970’s Presidents have made use of executive order to an increasing rate because
executive orders do not need to be passed by Congress
The activities of the Federal Reserve Board have the most direct influence
on bank interest rates
the voter turnout in the United states is usually lower most accurately
describes/compares election in the United States with other Western democracies
Office of Management and Budget is responsible for the
preparation of executive spending proposals submitted to Congress
In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court rule that there is no
constitutional guaranteed of unqualified executive exchange
All of the following are formal or informal source of presidential power; presidential access to the media, precedents set during previous administrations, public support, and the Constitution EXCEPT
presidential authority to raise revenue
An advantage that bureaucrats in federal government have over the president in the policy making process is that bureaucrats usually
have a continuity of service in the executive branch that the president lacks
Each vote would count equally in determining which candidate won the election
is the result from the direct election of presidential candidates
Since 1960 the presidential election process has been affected by an increase in all of the following: proportion of independents in the electorate, influence of political consultants, number of primaries , and role of television
EXCEPT turnout of voters
A president may persuade recalcitrant members of congress to vote for a particular bill
by making a direct appeal to the public through mass media
In general, independent regulatory commissions are created primary for the purpose of regulating certain industries
to protect the public interest
Invocation of the War Powers Act of 1973 would be most important in determining the nature of the commitment of United States Marine to
a peace-keeping role in Lebanon.
The president can deploy troops without seeking the
consent of either the house or the senate
To be commander in chief of the armed forces, to negotiate treaties with foreign nations, to be chief executive, to Present the State of Union address
NOT to lead the political party of the President are presidential role authorized by the Constitution
Which of the following is articulated in the War Powers Resolution?
The President must bring troops
home from hostilities within 60
to 90 days unless Congress
extends the time
All of the following have contributed to an increase in presidential power in the
post-1945 era EXCEPT
legislation granting the
President the power to impound
The usefulness to the President of having cabinet members as political advisers is undermined by the fact that the loyalties of cabinet members are often divided
between loyalty to the President and loyalty to their own executive departments
Presidents have had the most success in changing the direction of decisions of the federal judiciary by using the appointment process to select judges with
judicial philosophizes similar to those of the President.
Commissioning officers in the armed forces, addressing the Congress on the state of the union, receiving ambassadors, and granting pardons for federal offenses are powers granted to the President by the Constitution
EXCEPT forming new cabinet-level departments
Cabinet departments differ from independent regulatory agencies in which of the following ways?
The President can dismiss cabinet officers, but not commissioners of independent regulatory agencies
Cabinet members often do not have a dominant influence on presidential decision-making because
presidential goals often conflict with the institutional goals of individual cabinet level agencies
Which of the following procedures results in the removal of the President from office?
The House votes for impeachment, and the Senate conducts a trial and reaches a guilty verdict
A President attempting to influence Congress to pass a legislative program might employ all of the following strategies EXCEPT
denying campaign reelection funds to legislators who oppose the President’s policy stand
The request of recent Presidents for the line-item veto is a challenge to which of the following principles?
Separation of powers
Line-item veto is used by many
state governors
In which of the following scenarios would a presidential veto most likely be upheld?
the President is in a second term, removed from partisan politics
The President’s veto power is accurately described by which of the following statements?

I. A President sometimes threatens to veto a bill that is under discussion in order to influence congressional decision-making
II. A President typically vetoes about a third of the bills passed through Congress
III.. Congress is usually unable to override a President’s veto

I and III only
A fundamental source of power for the federal bureaucracy lies in its
ability to set specific guidelines after receiving a general mandate from Congress
In recent presidential administrations, the principal staff for the President has been made up of members of the
White House Office
American foreign policy is directed primarily by the
All of the following are true about the relationship between regulatory agencies and the industries they regulate: Agency employees are often recruited from the regulated industry, Agencies often rely on support from regulated industries in making budget requests before Congress, An agency’s relationship with a regulated industry may change when a a new president takes office, Agency employees often are employed by the regulated industry once they leave the agency
EXCEPT Agencies usually make decisions without consulting the regulated industry
Among the executive branch;s checks on the legislative branch is the president’s power to call
special sessions of Congress
The amount of access cabinet secretaries have to the president is most likely to be controlled by the
President’s chief of staff
The following accounts for the fact that the power and prestige of the presidency have grown since 1932: America’s increased prominence in international affairs, the New Deal, and other programs that have expanded federal responsibility, the President’s increased visibility
due to the development
In recent years, presidents have come to rely most heavily on the advice
of the White House Staff
The difference between a pardon and a reprieve is a pardon grants a release from legal punishment while a reprieve
postpones it
Both the War Powers Act of 1974 and the Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 represent efforts by Congress to limit the powers of the
The President usually experience a reduction in political power: The president is in the final two years of his or her second term and different parties control
Congress and the White House

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