Executive Federal Budget Roles

Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
-Presidents office that develops the Federal Budget which is
submitted to Congress
-office that have reports to the president
-supervises preparation of the federal budget
-advises the Presidient
The President
-sets budget (where Congress and it’s committees approve the
budget itself
-Required to annually prepare and submit a budget
Executive Departments and Agencies
Try to get more money from the Federal through the president
Congressional Budget Committees
Develop an annual concurrent resolution on the budget
-one for each the House and Senate
House Ways and Means Committe and Senate Finance Committe
They write the tax codes which determine how much money the government collects
House and Senate standing committies
Write Laws that require new expenditures
House and Senate Appropriations Committees
They decide who gets what
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Advises congress on probable consequences of decisions, forecast revenues,
-Advises Congress on the probable consequences of its decisions
-forecasts revenues
-is a counterweight to the president’s OMB, Office of Management and Budget.
The United States Congress
Develop an annual budget and approves taxes and appropriations
Interest groups and lobbyists
The major outside influences that exert pressure on the budget process
The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Act of 1974
-Fixed budget calendar
-budget committee in each house
-made the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
-it changed the process so Congress would look at the Federal
Budget as a whole, rather than in fragments
Checks Congress has on uncontrolled expenditures and entitlement spending
Congress must authorize all spending (stated in the Constitution)
-The Government Accounting Office (GAO) audits and monitors what agencies who receive budget money are doing with it.
Check the president has over Congress’ uncontrolled spending
President must sign off on all apropriations

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