Executive Branch Essay

The executive subdivision is the most powerful subdivision of authorities. The executive subdivision makes the president commanding officer in head. It besides gives the president the function of economic leader. And he/she can besides do executive orders that have the force of jurisprudence. These are merely some of the many functions that make the executive branch the most powerful subdivision of authorities.

When the president has the function of commanding officer in head he/she is given the power to utilize force to endorse up our foreign policy. They are in charge of the ground forces. naval forces. air force. Mariness. and the seashore guard. The top commanding officers of all of these subdivisions of service are low-level to the president.

The president is besides our economic leader. He/She deals with unemployment. lifting monetary values. high revenue enhancements and more. When voted into office the president is expected to care of these issues. One key task the president must carry through each twelvemonth is to be after the federal government’s budget excessively.

Last but non least. the president has the function of main executive. He can do an executive order. which has the force of jurisprudence. During his presidential term. Harry S. Truman had to utilize an executive order in 1948 to incorporate armed forces. The president besides has the power to allow forgivenesss. A forgiveness is a declaration of forgiveness and freedom from penalty.

The president has many functions to assist maintain our state in order. From commanding officer in head. economic leader. and main executive he/she helps everything tally every bit swimmingly as possible. The executive subdivision is by far the most powerful subdivision of authorities. because it helps maintain our state out of problem and copacetic.

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