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Quagmire was created, a luxurious island located on the coast of Dublin. Wrecking fragile coral reefs due to managed retreat has devastated local fish stocks that support endangered sea birds. Buildings have also exacerbated other problems Like a total decline In 20 species, Including the towboat seaborne and silver foment falling by 80% In stock; as well as a decline In water quality. To combat this, innovative solutions like including state of the art sewage treatment plants and curved breakwaters which provide a habitat for marine life. A marine biology laboratory is being created in order to monitor activity in the coastal area: showing

Tuba’s coastal management has swayed more to meeting the environmental needs On the contrary, some coastal management schemes may focus on meeting socio- economic requirements as a priority rather than the environmental needs. Coastal erosion has been a major issue in the Isle of Wight, as the area is a coastal resort and residential area, having millions of pounds of commercial and residential property close to the coastline. Serious slope failure in the Isle of Wight would affect properties as far as mm inland, posing enormous social and economic costs.

Heavy engineering schemes have been Inserted

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to protect the coastline between Vendor and Bunchier, with the continuous seawall acting as coastal protection. Similarly, In the Mediterranean region, problems rose due to constant coastal development, where there were major environmental pressures such as: development of airports, holiday resorts and general urban sprawl leading to damage of fragile wetland systems; use of chemicals in agriculture increased rates of water pollution, with triplication evident; and untreated waste water being discharged Into the sea.

The Mediterranean Action plan was set up as a response to the Nun’s Environmental aerogram, with over 300 scientific experts contributing processing a new report, whereby the strategy recommended was to: develop green areas between urban areas in order to reduce linear development; stricter implementation of rules to combat pollution from ships; and improved energy management in order to reduce need for new coastal power stations.

On the contrary, one coastal management scheme that has strongly considered both needs is In Pensiveness Bay. The SMS have recommended for the flooding protection of Pensiveness Bay to hold the line as premises (caravan parks), main roads (AWAY) and railway networks are close to the coast. However this scheme aim to be environmentally sustainable by using soft engineering methods to protect the coast, such as beach replenishment, recycling, reproofing and Greene replacement, which is monitored by GAPS.

The SMS have ensured that this coastal defense scheme has to have a balance between socio- economic and environmental needs in management. To conclude, to achieve a balance between both needs, careful and detailed management is required, and as shown with Pensiveness Bay, using a SMS (and if necessary ICON) would be beneficial in order to create a balanced coastal flooding scheme.

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