Exam 4 True/False

A branded community Web site aims to build customer goodwill rather then sell products to customers
Permission-based e-mail advertising is conducted based on customers’ expressed preferences and previous purchases
Mobile marketing is an unsuitable tool for triggering an immediate purchase from a customer
Advertising can reach masses of geographically dispersed buyers at a low cost per exposure
The principle behind the %-of-sales method of budget setting is viewing sales as the result of advertising
In advertising, reach is a measure of the % of people in the target market who are exposed to an ad campaign during a given period of time
In advertising media selection, frequency describes the qualitative value of message exposure through a given medium
Pulsing, as an ad pattern, means scheduling ads evenly over a given time period
The best source of new prospects for a salesperson is referrals
Sales promotions typically create short-term sales but are viewed as ineffective at building long-term customer relationships
Every time a search is made using keywords related to construction, search engines display text-based advertisements and links to Regan Builders, a construction firm. The marketing tool used by Regan Builders is best referred to as a _____
Contextual Advertisment
Which of the following is an effect of the advancement of technology on marketing?
Consumers rely less on marketer-supplied information than in the past
Which of the following is true of marketing strategies that are being developed in the new marketing communications model?
They are more targeted, social, and engaging

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