Exam 1 Marketing 427 Chapman Vocab

Salesforce socialization
(sometimes referred to as on boarding) refers to the process by which sales people acquire knowledge, skills, and values essential to perform their jobs
Two stages of socialization relevant to recruitment and selection are…
(1) Achieving realism, which is giving the recruit an accurate portrayal of the job and (2) achieving congruence, which is matching the capabilities of the recruit with the needs of the organization
Job preview
Realism can be acieved by providing accurate job decriptions and perhaps offering a (Job preview) through a field visit with a salesperson.
First step in the recruitment and selection process: Planning activities
conducting a job analysis, establishing job qualifications, completing a written job description, setting recruitment and selection objectives, and developing a recruitment and selection strategy
Second step in the recruitment and selection process: Recruitment
the procedure of locating a sufficient number of prospective job applicants
The third step in the recruitment and selection process: Selection
the process of choosing which candidates will be offered the job
Job analysis
entails an investigation of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the job
Job qualifications
refer to the aptitude, skills, knowledge, personal traits, and willingness to accept occupational conditions necessary to perform the job
Job description
based on the job analysis and job qualifications, is completed by the sales manager, or, in many cases the human resourse manager
A recruitment and selection strategy can be developed after
objectives have been set. Formulating this strategy requires the sales manager to consider the scope and timing of recruitment and selection activities.
Employee referral programs
relatively quick and inexpensive compared with other recruitment methods, such as advertising, using employment agencies, and visiting college campuses.
Private employment agency
a commonly used source used when recruiting. charges a fee to the employer or the job seeker to hire new employees
career fairs
when several employers are brought together in one location for recruiting purposes
Professional organizations are a primary reason sales executives do what?
establish a network a colleagues who have common interests
Job application form
Can be designed to gather all pertinent information and exclude unnecessary information
Initial interviews
are typified by the on-campus interviews conducted by most sales recruiters
intensive interviews
may be conducted to get an in-depth look at the candidate. Often, this involves multiple sequential interviews by several executives or several managers at the company’s facilities.
interviewer bias
allowing personal opinions, attitudes, and beliefs to influence judgments about a candidate, can be a particularity acute problem with some interviews
assessment center
offers a set of well-definied procedures for using techniques such as group discussion, business game simulations, presentations, and role-playing exercises for the purpose of employee selection or development
background investigation
job candidates who have favorably emerged from resume and application screening, interviewing, testing, and perhaps an assessment canter may become the subject of this
Market bonus
an incentive, paid on hiring to salespeople having highly sought-after skills and qualifications.
misrepresenting things like earnings potential. Such as telling the interviewee what the top producer earns, not expected first-year earnings of the average salesperson.
stress interviews
a technique that is designed to put job candidates under extreme, unexpected, psychological duress for the purpose of seeing how they react
initiation to task
the degree to which the saleforce trainee feels competent and accepted as a working partner
role definition
an understanding of what tasks are to be performed
needs assessment
to compare the specific performance-related skills, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors required for salesforce success with the state of readiness of the salesforce
Salesforce audit
“a systematic, diagnostic, prescriptive tool which can be employed on a periodic basis to identify and address sales department problems and to prevent or reduce the impact of future problems
performance testing
a method that specifies the evaluation of particular tasks or skills of the salesforce
sales managers identifying the need for specific sales training
salesforce survey
may be completed as an independent activity or combined with other sales management activities, such as field visits or even included as part of the routine salesforce reporting procedures
Customer survey
helps determine how competitive the salesforce is compared with other salesforces in the industry
sales technique
what managers teach all employees to increase sales
product knowledge
sales people must know everything about the product including it benefits, applications, competitive strengths, and limitations
Customer knowledge
information relating to customer’s needs, buying motives, buying procedures, and personalities
competitive knowledge
customers may exploit this to negotiate terms of sale that may be costly to the selling firm
time and territory management
the purpose of (T&TM) is to teach salespeople how to use time and efforts for maximum work efficiency.
refers to an individuals effort to control certain aspects of his or her decision making and behavior, and such employs strategies that assist individuals in structuring the environment and facilitating behaviors necessary to achieve performance standards
sales training objectives
setting specific, measurable, and obtainable objectives
sales trainer
companies rely most heavily on their own personnel to conduct sales training which is usually the sales manager
classroom or conference
setting features lectures, demonstrations, and group discussion with expert trainers serving as instructors
on-the-job training
puts the trainee into actual work circumstances under the observant eye of a supportive mentor or sales manager.
have different objectives from company to company, but they usually strive to make the new hires feel at home in their jobs, relay information about the corporate culture, and be available for discussion and advice on topics of concern to the trainee
job rotation
the exposure of the sales trainee to different jobs, may involve stints as a customer service representative, a distribution clerk, or perhaps in other sales positions
behavioral simulations
method that focuses on behavioral learning by means of business games and simulations, case studies, and role playing-where trainees portray a specified role in a staged situation
role playing
one trainee plays the role of the salesperson and another trainee acts as the buyer
absorption training
involves furnishing trainees or salespeople with materials that they peruse (or absorb) without opportunity for immediate feedback and questioning
sales training media
using communications and computer technology to train your employees. allows them to learn at their own pace

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