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In the beginning information was limited to newspapers. magazines. subsequently went on to the wireless and so the telecasting. As clip passed by the unidimensional attack of information changed into a multi-dimensional tendency puting phenomenon thanks to the cyberspace. The convergence of mediums threw up immense countries of possibilities for informations direction and readership. So now the anterior print news media had changed to air and so now the latest cyber news media. 5. 1. The Need Internet is used as an option for other agencies of engineering such as.

• Need of communicating • Need for resources • Needs for information and • Need for selling and selling merchandises 5. 2. World Wide Web The cyberspace led to the development of the World Wide Web for effectual and efficient tool of information sharing and communications. This subdivision explains the development. 5. 3. Arrival of the Web A Licklider research in 1962 led to the coming of the ARPANET within the following 10 old ages. The following few old ages saw the debut of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. which allowed computing machines to pass on with each other.

Subsequently came the 80s. where the cyberspace came officially into being. Hypertext linguistic communication ( Berners-Lee 1989. 1990 ) later became the linguistic communication of the cyberspace. The World Wide Web solved many of the issues faced and came frontward with a batch of benefits such as on-line communities. larning chances. electronic mail. mailing lists. confab. intelligence and newsgroups. gross revenues. selling. advertisement. e-commerce. net telephone. telecasting and many more. It all started of with the web between universities in 1969. boulder clay 1980 it catered to the demands of universities.

In 1993. a package Mosaic allowed images and text to be displayed on the cyberspace. This led to the beginning of a revolution of the World Wide Web. Journalism has drastically changed the face of describing and information assemblage. The World Wide Web gives an chance to utilize engineering for the benefit of the author every bit good as the reader. The demand for tools and resources to better the individual’s journalistic aspirations every bit good as the organisation involved ( Garrison. 1998 ) .

The stairss for news media are clearly explained in ( Hausman. 1992 ) . Some clear rules of web production for web developers ( Whittaker ) for users besides computing machine professionals are good explained. This gives an thought of what needs to be done and how it has to be done. Nielsen ( 1999 ) explains good the design concepts involved both which are page design. content design. site design and intranet design. Harmonizing to Sundar ( 2000 ) the premier manner of pulling readership to internet and publish media is the degree of interactivity goes beyond images.

Internet is a medium in sound. ocular. ocular effects and life. along with non-linear narrative constructions ( Grusin and Bolter. 1999 ) . On-line information is a topographic point for informations storage so that information can be accessed as and when required. these have become electronic libraries for storage ( Koch ) . In one of the documents ( Augustine and Greene. 2002 ) it is explained that in the instance of a library. the pupils often use the hunt alternatively of shoping through the pages in the web site. So in instances like this the website importance becomes more concentrated on the hunt factor.

So the web interior decorators will hold to better upon the metadata and hunt engine characteristics to ease the pupils much better. Verlag ( 2005 ) gives a elaborate description why people do non see web sites. The grounds may be varied but fring a reader is non a good point for news media. Information is so monolithic and so varied that if you search for a subject it will throw up a batch of relevant and irrelevant entries. The cyberspace is besides a beginning for fraud. parody and indecorous affair. It is of import that information is filtered based on the hunt demand ( CNET ) . 5.

4. Planing the website Web sites designed serve different intents they can be introductory pages. booklets designs for gross revenues and selling. latest intelligence coverage. online services. concern applications and many more. To develop the right web site what is required is. • A program for the site. This program needs to incorporate the pilotage manner. the bill of fare construction and other links. • Layout of web site. This refers to the placement of the web site which consists of images. texts. headings. footers and logo. • Content. The information that is traveling to make full the web site.

The stuff such as images. sounds and pictures. everything demands to be decided. 5. 5. Web sites for user-Interaction Most of the web sites available allow for user interaction. . these web sites can be classified as • Websites for E-Commerce. Where gross revenues and selling are promoted through advertizements and on-line minutess. • Website for concern intents. This keeps the users informed about the departures on of concern organisations and establishments for [ electronic mail protected ]and B2C minutess. • Website with user interaction. Forms that is available online for make fulling such as feedback. contact signifiers and so on.

• Information exchange. Online libraries. digital magazines. intelligence documents. web logs that contain the latest information. 5. 6. Uses of Web sites There are a batch of benefits that any industry can acquire from web sites. some of them being • Up-to-date information. The easy design makes updating really simple. • Branding. A company. administration. individual can be put into the spotlight by really good trade name managing and web sites have become a really strong tool for the intent. • Correspondence. Email. confab. net telephone has made geographical divisions and differences really little. inexpensive and easy.

• Online gross revenues and services. Companies are utilizing the cyberspace to increase their gross revenues and selling. • Client/Customer satisfaction. Customer relationship direction has reached a new degree with the cyberspace devising interaction personal and secure. 6. Similar Web sites Web sites are of different types such as concern web sites. personal web sites. governmental web sites. private administration web sites and enlightening web sites. These web sites provide assorted subjects. such as employment. directory. games. political relations and athleticss.

Some web sites are studied to analyze what the user is looking for when looking for information. The website consequences have been consolidated after the research methods used supra. 6. 1. Survey of website -1 The web site being discussed has an sole subject of license free preparation in the UK. The website voices sentiments against the finding of fact given by the bench system. The website supports physicians of Indian beginning updated about regulation and ordinances sing their public assistance. The squad aims to better the accomplishment of physicians so that their part to NHS and is note worthy.

The web site besides helps in petitioning against unfairnesss and atrociousnesss against physicians. It besides guides and supports physicians by manner of fiscal aid and employment aid. The website aids in many ways and gives information of the administration their aims. ends and actions. The user can besides subscribe for the newssheet that is available via electronic mail. The user can besides print their messages on the on-line message board. High points of the website – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bapioaction. moonfruit. com/ • Broken Links. There are no broken links. Each page goes to another page.

• Writing manner. The written manner is simple and easy to understand. • Content overview. The web site aims to be up-to-date. which is good. So anyone who visits the page is assured of the latest information. Low points of the website • Design of the web site. The design is simple but the formats and founts are non consistent across the web page. There is excessively much wastage of infinite. The alliance and consistence in the pages is losing. • Layout of the web site. The web site layout is non regular throughout. There are buttons. messages and images all over the topographic point. • Navigation.

It is non easy to voyage through the web site as there are excessively many links all over the page. • Time taken to lade. The page takes clip to burden. it is really slow. • Errors. Pages sometimes overload and it is hard to read as two pages are overlapped. • Download. It opens into another page and so into the download option. which is inconvenient. • Browser compatibility. Mozilla Firefox an Internet Explorer has some jobs while opening the pages and exposing contents. • User-friendliness. The web site is easy to utilize but non friendly plenty as pilotage. formats and all the above mentioned jobs.

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