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Too much of anything is bad for our health. ” It goes without saying that moderation is a precious virtue towards which every person should tend. Unfortunately, many of us make the mistake of turning a moment of pleasure into a lifelong vice. Moderation should be present in our life for a couple of reasons. Firstly, moderation in all things affords us the time and energy to sample more of what life and the world have to offer.

Let’s take the most common type of moderation, which is bout of abstaining from eating a large amounts of food we like very much. Limiting our diet to just some particular dishes may well create an imbalance in our physical health. We should, in this case, eat various types of food and not do it to excess. Secondly, moderation is the key which enables us to be at our best as humans, striking a proper balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Anything which is too much is detrimental to Our mood, health and life, even the good things.

For instance, doing too much sport, in order to stay fit, may do more harm than good. From my point of view, it

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is more than true that moderation is vital if we want to have a healthy lifestyle -Being moderate gives us the opportunity to taste the joys of life in abundance which surely will offer us much more pleasure. As a conclusion, if we want to have a healthy life, moderation has to stay at the base of this goal. Although, moderation must be in moderation too.

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