Event Promotion Exam 1

Strategic Marketing
The right marketing to the right audience.
What is important in strategic marketing? (Two things)
Timing and the type of marketing.
What is an event?
A marketing event is part of the marketing budget? T/F
Name some benefits of intercommunication
Make it virtual, post online, social networking, invest in your webpage, event needs to be compatible with handheld devices.
How do you brand your event?
Give it personality with professional logo, colors, design and appearance. Use a PR firm.
Why should you brand?
To strive for event longevity. Engage the audience, create exclusitivity.
Life of the brand, sums up a brand.
Advertising campaign. Spearhead for more products and services.
Expresses an ideal
Successful taglines are: (4 things)
Short as in 1/2 syllables, use language that resonates, Simple and positive, tell um what’s in it for them (customer)!
The term marketing was 1st used (year)?
The term marketing was formalized in what era?
20th century
Name 4 industry pioneers with “event” marketing?
P.T. Barnum, Bill Veeck, Jay Lurye, George Preston Marshall
What were P.T. Barnum’s marketing contributions? (4)
(Ringling Brothers) Ballyho entertainment of excitement and spotlight. Mix of channel to reach audience, Posters and Parades to announce events. Silver lining.
What were Bill Veeck’s marketing contributions? (2)
(Baseball)Known for HIGH IMPACT strategy. I try not to break the rules, but merely test their elasticity.
Performed espionage to find out what his customers wanted – Market Research!
What were Jay Lurye’s marketing contributions?
Known for consumer orientation. First marketing and promo firm. Build attendance through ancillary events such as spouse or youth programs, meet the celeb, hospitality center.
What were George Preston Marshall’s marketing contributions? (3)
Football – Brand builder. Pre/Post/Halftime entertainment, the event is the “sum of all parts” – BIG PICTURE. Turned football games into a tradition.
What are the 3 E’s of Event Marketing?
Entertainment, Excitement, Enterprise
What does a media kit consist of?
Pictures, logo, information about your event they can choose to use.
Where should your contact info go on the press release?
Header or flush Right
What is a boilerplate (press release)?
About us section
How should you close a press release?
Where does “FOR IMMEDIATE USE” go on your press release?
Name three types of marketing interventions?
Direct, Indirect or Abstract.
In reference to marketing interventions, what does direct mean?
Same type of meeting
In reference to marketing interventions, what does indirect mean?
somewhat similar but not the same
In reference to marketing interventions, what does abstract mean?
factors beyond control. audience psychology
Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
What are the 5 W’s?
Why, Who, When, Where, What?
6 P’s of Marketing
Production, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, People.
How do you keep your audience engaged/interested in your event?
Raffles, awards, interviews, silent auction, contest.
(Six P’s) Product
What are you offering and why is it unique? The product is your event.
(Six P’s) Price
How much are you charging? Financial demographic of audience or company.
(Six P’s) Place
Your place in the market.
(Six P’s) Promotion
How is your event percieved.
(Six P’s) Process
Mechanics of booking and attending an event. How hard is it for people to register. How effective is your marketing.
How to sell sponsorship? Tips?
Target list, get info about sponsors and sell your event to them by telling them how it relates to them.
Should you seriously consider the internet as part of your market plan?
Yes, the internet should be part of your market plan and you should derive serious marketing objectives.
What does the acronym “SEO” stand for?
Search Engine Optimization
CPM is?
Cost per impression
CPC is?
Cost per click
Low interest internet users use the internet to…?
As a source of information, and do not like making online payment. “Old schoolers”
What is internal event marketing?
Good communication within your event team. Happy workers.
What is constant about the event environment?
What is an in-kind sponsor?
Someone who barters their services in turn for sponsorship at the event.
Philanthropic goals can enhance events? T/F

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