Event Marketing & Sponsorship

What are the 5 P’s of Event Marketing
What are the 5 C’s of Consumer Marketing
Define Public Relations
Controlling Message, not nessecarily delivery
nonpaid, image directed
Define Promotion
Designing “things” for a particular audience using related medium communication to inform, persuade, remind, educate people
Define Advertising
Paid, non-personal communication to control the message
Define publicity
media controlled, non-personal communication not-paid for by particular org. sponsor
Define personal selling
touchpoints b/w seller & buyer, one-on-one word of mouth
Define Sales Promotion
incentives, coupons demos giveaways
Define Sponsorship
investment in return for access to exploitable business potential associated w. event.
Since consumers experience clutter you must (3)
-message must be impactful
-consider the mix
-say something, say it well & say it fast
The message should connect with (3)….
target audience
promotional tool & technique
Written communications should (4)…
be clear
use personal experiances
humanize content
give closure & ask for action
Define event marketing
designing something that promotes something, engages people ie. giving out samples
Explain intercommunications
-multiple outlets
-using social media
-create website, post video in real time
-make a virtual experiance
-be handheld compatible
Define brand
what your product/service stands for in ppl’s mind
define branding
process of executing & managing things that make people feel the way they do about your brand
how do you establish your brand idea
meaningful point of difference embedded in minds
think of who you are talking to, who you want to beat and how you beat them
USO stands for
understanding stakeholders objectives
What is the criteria for sponsorship (guest speaker) 5
relevance, brand fit, mission alignment, business result (increased awareness, foster positive view of company)
What is the criteria to determine brand name
Strategic, linguistic, legal
Expand upon the strategic criteria for brand name
appealing, memorable, capture brand idea, appropriate
Event Marketing Key Points (5)
-exert substantial effort
-out of the ordinary
-find out what ppl think/want to feel & translate into memorable experience
-surround events w/ features that overwelm the senses
-innovate/avoid sameness
End Results
Measurable means of getting to goals (SMART Objectives)
Thinking things through before doing them
Event Strategy Formation
Analyze event issues and problems
Generate alternative solutions
Evaluate alternative solutions
Predict the outcome of alternative marketing interventions
Can it be done?
Can it be done successfully
Can it be done more than once
meec stands for
meetings expositions events conventions
Trends in event marketing (6)
time compression, increasing web sophistication, blogging/superblogging, DIY event marketing, green events, aging populations
What are the top companies spending $$ on sponsorship
soft drinks/beer #1 Pepsi #2 Busche Brown Beer
Sponsorship spending is __________ then marketing & advertising costs
What 3 categories have the most sponsorship spending
sports, entertainment, causes
What are impressions
how many people see/hear an ad
four phases of sponsorship
planning & marketing, sales, fulfillment/execution, followup/evaluation
What is the sponsorship hierarchy from the bottom up
tactics, strategies, goals, mission
Sponsorship Mission
to get sponsors brand on unconscious list of brands loved & trusted by target market
Sponsorship Goals
Change target market perception of & behavior towards brand
Sponsorship Team (5)
HR, operations, advertising, ticket sales, membership
8 Elements of sponsorship policy
background of org.
situational analysis
exclusions (absolutely will not sponsor)
Processes (approval process)
Approvals (who approves)
Review & evaluation

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