Event Marketing and Sponsorship

Event Marketing
The process, planned by a sponsoring organization, of integrating a variety of communications elements with a single event theme
Event Sponsorship
The financial support of an event in exchange for advertising privileges associated with the event
Ambush Marketing (sports)
Strategy used by non-sponsors to capitalize on the prestige and popularity of an event by giving the false impression they are sponsors
How can ambushing be prevented?
1. Better contractual agreements: no loopholes, register marks that might be of future value, outline exit rights in initial contracts
2. Stress that event owners act in a non-greedy manner: reduction in sponsorship options, levels and ambiguities
Venue Marketing/Sponsorship (sports)
Linking a brand name or company to a physical site, such as a stadium, arena or theatre
“The meaning of a good is best (and sometimes only) communicated when this good is surrounded by a complement of goods that carry the same significance”
Grant McCracken- meaning of goods is determined by their relationship to other goods; complementarities of brands may be based on either functional or symbolic properties
Experiential Marketing
A promotion in which potential customers interact directly with a product
What should be considered before participating in event marketing?
1. Event exclusivity
2. Sponsorship as complement to other activities
3. Careful target selection
4. Popular event
5. Establish selection criteria that provides benefits for the long term
How can we measure the effectiveness of a marketing event?
1. Awareness
2. Image
3. New Clients
4. Sales
5. Specific Target Reach
6. Media Coverage
What are the key elements of an event proposal?
Description, management, marketing, financial, staging, staffing, safety and security, operating and logistics, evaluation
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