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The biometric scanning engineering is a great revolution for modern-day society. There are many application made from biometric scanning engineerings, which may utilize in many different manner. Some of these applications based on biometries are complex. This study is traveling to measure the effectivity of Iris acknowledgment and AFIS for to command accessing to a secure workplace.


The human existences use the biometric information, which has already been a long history. For illustration, utilizing fingerprint for signature, placing person from pace. In the center of 19 century, many characteristics of human existences ‘ organic structure were used to place the condemnable instances ( Jain and Ross, 2004 ) . With the advancement of human society, a practically modern biometric scanning system is going more and more of import.

Today, there are many security jobs such as to command entree to a secure workplace, privateness and informations security, which can be solved by the biometric scanning system. However, there were lists of practical biometric applications. To measure the effectivity and happen out which one is preferred, which is a needed and meaningful action.


The biometric scanning system seems a sort of engineering that uses the characteristics of the human existences ‘ organic structure. Jain and Ross ( 2004 ) point that the biometric scanning system is a scientific discipline system that based on the individuality of a individual, which include the physical and behavioral characteristics of the human existences. The physical properties is inactive characteristics such as fingerprint, face, retina, flag, vena form, manus and finger geometry. The behavioral properties is dynamic characteristics such as voice, pace and signature.


This study will speak about utilizing biometric scanning system to command accessing to a secure workplace by two facets, which include Iris acknowledgment and Automatic Fingerprint Identification Scanning system. These two facets will set position in a critical manner in order to demo both positive and negative. Hopefully, the result of this work can be a guide book for those who wish to choose a possible biometric scanning system to protect the security of accessing a secure workplace.


In fact, to command accessing to a secure workplace is a class of designation and hallmark. There are many method can make this aim. The AFIS is one of these methods. In this subdivision, foremost, it will happen out the definition of the AFIS. Second, it will look at the uniqueness belongings of fingerprint designation. Third, it will look at the dependability, convenience and handiness. Last, it will advert fingerprint designation could be low-cost.

What is the AFIS?

The AFIS is an abbreviation of Automatic Fingerprint Identification Scanning. This is a sort of biometric that use people ‘s fingerprint to place something. The AFIS may utilize a database to hive away informations that include fingerprint image, item characteristics of fingerprint of 10 fingers and something else. It can be a tool for designation and hallmark of big population group. The system will seek in the database to fit the right individual. Maltoni and Cappelli ( 2008 ) argues that utilizing computing machine to treat the fingerprint informations that people input into the computing machine and computing machine will accomplish the end of designation and hallmark by a series of actions such as sorting, placement, analyzing and comparing.

The uniqueness belongings

The automatic fingerprint designation scanning has uniqueness belongings because it based on the fingerprint. The fingerprint is a physical property of human organic structure. It even was used in the ancient clip. Using a Fingerprint to do an designation and hallmark likely has already more than 100s old ages ( Jain and Ross, 2004 ) . At present, it was used in many countries for designation and hallmark intent because it is a merely alone manner. For illustration, this method is used for door lock, auto lock, computing machine accessing, cyberspace accessing, attending recording, bank history accessing, etc. There are a figure of ways that use this method for designation and hallmark intent can be found.

Some still do non believe the uniqueness belongings is a really good characteristic for designation and hallmark because there is a possibility of transcript. When people use fingerprint to do an designation and hallmark, the finger must be touched. It will go forth a rudimentary fingerprint on the touched panel of fingerprint machine, which will be copied easy. If this action is done by others who have subterranean motivations, so the single information will be used in an illegal manner. This is really unsafe for single information ( Maltoni and Cappelli, 2008 ) .

However, the transcript from the rudimentary fingerprint of others is easy to place although do a transcript is a executable method. Normally, this transcript is alleged unreal fingerprint. Compare with the existent fingerprint from human organic structure straight, the transcript is ill-defined, the form is non complete, dull and unidimensional. Therefore, users do non necessitate to worry about this instance.

Reliability, convenience and handiness

The automatic fingerprint designation scanning is dependability, convenience and handiness because fingerprint designation and hallmark is the mature biometric engineering ( Komarinski, 2005 ) . First, the fingerprint is dependable because it includes rather immense information and will maintain for all life of human being, In malice of the fingerprint merely a small portion of human organic structure. Second, this is a convenient manner and with available information which people used for designation and hallmark. The ground is that human fingerprint can non alter and it can utilize any clip and people do non necessitate to worry about forgot things like cards, keys or others.

The dependability of lucifer fingerprints could be a job. Due to automatic fingerprint designation scanning utilizations computing machine to compare and fit the fingerprints. This action is merely mentioning to some simple information about fingerprint such as form or other simple information. Meanwhile, the public presentation of computing machine will impact the dependability of fingerprints fiting every bit good. The consequences might non be accurate wholly ( Maltoni & A ; Cappelli, 2008 ) .

In fact, this is non a drawback to fingerprint designation because this issue caused by the public presentation of computing machine. This fact merely demonstrates that the information semen from the fingerprint is highly big, even the computing machine was made busy. This is non the drawback of fingerprint but the precisely advantage it is. At present, the calculating engineering ascent quickly, therefore, it does non necessitate to worry excessively much for this. The dependability of calculating fiting algorithm will be improved.

Smaller Equipments and Cost Effective

Fingerprint designation scanning needs a fingerprint designation machine, which merely is smaller equipment. By and large talking, the fingerprint machine comparison with its effectivity, the monetary value of this sort of equipment is likely non excessively much. It is low-cost for some organisations even merely for persons. In add-on, Maltoni and Cappelli ( 2008 ) argues that there are many type of fingerprint designation machine that for different use of state of affairs in the market. It seems merely like a common machine, which such as microwave oven, Television, computing machine and something else. Due to this is a machine so there could hold some issues sometimes. However, it is non a mistake of the fingerprint designation. Much more, this should non be an alibi to state that the disadvantages of utilizing fingerprint designation outweigh the advantages.

Iris Recognition

The iris acknowledgment is another method to command accessing to a secure workplace. In this subdivision, foremost, it will happen out the definition of iris acknowledgment every bit good. Second, it will bespeak the higher dependability of iris acknowledgment, it will advert the flag acknowledgment is hard to juggle.

What Is Iris Recognition?

As old definition of biometries, the flag is a statically human physical property. The flag, a sort of externally seeable tissue with colored, is an internal constituent portion of eyes. Each flag contains a alone iris image. It includes many characteristics such as lens, fibrils, musca volitanss, construction, concave points, beams, furrows and chevrons and other characteristics construction, Patel ( 2008 ) claim that Iris can be used for biometric designation and hallmark. Its cardinal characteristics are extremely complex and alone. There is no two flag is same. The equipment of iris acknowledgment scanning consists of a to the full automatic camera to look for user ‘s eyes, when the camera found the flag, it began to concentrate. Iris acknowledgment will take a high quality image of the flag.

Higher Dependability

The most of import characteristic of the iris acknowledgment is that it is a comparatively stable and extremely dependable method used to command entree to a secure workplace. First, flag has higher uniqueness and placed interior of eyes, which include abundant information inside of human eyes. Second, iris acknowledgment has higher stableness due to its visual aspect is hard to alter after formed. Third, there is higher acknowledgment truth. Shoniregun and Stephen ( 2008 ) argues that the rate of correct of iris acknowledgment is comparative high comparison with other solutions of biometries. Last, it is a rapidly biometric security scanning system. In most state of affairss, it is merely need one second for each individual. It is really much lower than fingerprint designation scanning. Harmonizing to these characteristics, there is a strong possibility that the iris acknowledgment could be a better manner for commanding accessing to a secure workplace.

Any biometric scanning engineering has its drawbacks. Iris acknowledgment as a sort of comparative emerging engineering has drawbacks every bit good. To utilize this method will be high due to this engineering is comparative new and likely is non every bit mature as fingerprint designation. Why iris acknowledgment is cost high? The chief ground is that iris acknowledgment needs an highly high quality camera lens. This needed nucleus constituent for iris acknowledgment is really expensive. Furthermore, there is a drawback seems like the most of import point, which is that really hard to scan and read the black eyes. If to make that, needs a good quality light beginning.

However, there is a indispensable point can non bury that security is the most import thing for utilizing a biometric scanning system to command accessing to a secure workplace. Compare with other biometric scanning system, iris acknowledgment is more secured, stable, dependable, convenient and fast manner to protect unafraid workplace. As engineerings development, the cost might be reduced. Users would profit more from the iris acknowledgment.

Difficult to juggle

Using iris acknowledgment can forestall hoodwinking. Due to iris is a specific portion of human eyes. It can non be touched. Vacca ( 2007 ) argues that when it used for designation and hallmark, which is wholly without physical touch. It is a really of import characteristic for protect single biometric information. Comparison with fingerprint designation scanning, iris acknowledgment is better than automatic fingerprint designation scanning. If person would wish to alter the visual aspect of flag, and so necessitate to make really careful operating, furthermore, it will hold a large hazard of sight.


To sum up, the advantages of utilizing biometric scanning system outweigh the disadvantages. It is no hyperbole to state that those benefits from automatic fingerprint designation scanning are really attractive for persons and organisations ( Patel, 2008 ; Shoniregun and Stephen, 2008 ) . From a critical idea, the study has been mentioned two biometric scanning methods which are automatic fingerprint designation scanning and iris acknowledgment. Although these two methods exist some possible issues, advantages is chiefly and clearly portion. First, as for AFIS, it has mentioned three benefits of fingerprint designation, which are uniqueness, dependability, convenient, handiness and cost effectual. Second, sing iris acknowledgment, it has mentioned the higher dependability and hard to juggle. As a suggestion, for extremely security ground, the iris acknowledgment can be used. For illustration, airdrome, in-migration checking. If merely for common usage such as enter into the office, schoolroom or computing machine room, automatic fingerprint designation scanning is good for that.

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