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Public Diplomacy is seen by many as a regulating factor of Obama’s foreign policy. “the soft power president” . In an effort to better the public image of the United States. Barrack Obama addresses his planetary audience through his assorted addresss and runs in support of his foreign policy docket. Although the addresss seem to be over ambitious and targeted. the disposal is frequently seen fighting to present. This essay has been premised around the statement that there exists a direct relationship between the impact of foreign policy of a state and its public diplomatic negotiations. and the bing instability between the two in position of the U. S foreign policy under the Obama disposal.

This essay has been structured into three chief analyses. with the first one focussing on the incoherency of the U. S. foreign policy and its examination by bookmans in this field of research. The 2nd focal point is predicated based on the bing instability between policy and public diplomatic negotiations. and eventually the position on Obama’s message to the Arab universe. The essay further concludes with some cardinal recommendations. The statement in this essay is in isolation from the Wikileaks overseas telegram escape to keep rigorous focal point on the function played by the Obama disposal in keeping their strategic dealingss.

Although Wikileaks is presently playing a major function in staining U. S. ’ planetary standing. the leak. harmonizing to the writer. has no direct deduction to U. S. public battle attempts. Wikileaks nevertheless. reiterates the bing “say-do gap” between policy and diplomatic negotiations. In the CNAS America’s Extended enchiridion. Lynch examines the extent to which Obama’s public battle scheme has been successful. “Public battle is no silver slug. If policies are unpopular. no sum of snazzy selling will do them beloved.

If national involvements are basically at odds. no sum of duologue will aline them. Practitioners of public battle can draw a bead on merely to explicate the motive behind unpopular policies. set them in context. and highlight the many countries where involvements and values do overlap. ” Another challenge the Obama disposal faces it to strike the right balance between the long term ends of set uping dealingss and the short term demands that needs to be addressed instantly.

However it is worthwhile to presume that Obama’s popularity has decidedly been contributing for the “re-presentation” of America through the eyes of the universe. “According to Gallup studies. the overall planetary positions of American leading have risen by 17 points in the twelvemonth Obama has been president. ” U. S. Foreign Policy Prior to measuring the impact of the administration’s battle scheme and public diplomatic negotiations success. it is critical to analyze the foreign policy of the U. S in the current Obama epoch and the difference between rhetoric and execution.

Noam Chomsky. a universe renowned political militant and the professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. criticized Obama’s foreign policy as nil but an extension of Bush’s 2nd term as president where the policy shifted from aggressive enforcement of difficult power to dialogues. Chomsky besides made an interesting comparing of Obama and Bush to the Cuban missile crisis. During the Kennedy disposal. the contrivers were crafting determinations that would consequentially ensue in the riddance of Britain.

In response to this. the adviser delineated this “special relationship” with Britain as “our lieutenant. the stylish word is ‘partner’ . Chomsky farther provinces that the Bush disposal deemed the universe as ‘lieutenants’ . as seen in Bush’s actions in the war in Iraq and his indifference to what the universe idea of about the invasion. His haughtiness non merely resulted in a blare hostility towards the U. S but besides resulted in a major diminution of trade name U. S and its popularity.

Assorted states. mostly in the Muslim universe had a negative image of the U. S and resulted in the “Anti-Americanism Movement” . Harmonizing to Noam Chomsky. the difference in Obama’s attack is that “He courteously greets the leaders and people of the universe as “partners. ” and merely in private does he go on to handle them as “lieutenants. “” He farther adds on to state that “it is wise to go to to workss. non rhetoric and pleasant demeanour. ” But in footings of keeping equilibrium between the rhetoric of what is said and done. we see a reasonably obvious mismatch with one being sidelined over the other.

Take for illustration Israel-Palestine province struggle. “Over the last 35 old ages at that place has been a big international call of how this struggle should hold been resolved which was holding “a two province colony on the international border” . But this was ne’er truly the existent docket of the United States. In 1976. the Security Council passed a declaration for a two province colony which was vetoed by the United States. When Obama came to power. he was seen to hold a positive strategy in transporting out the two province colonies.

Obama’s primary focal point was on the enlargement of the Israeli forces instead than its being and “related substructure development” . Even in his presidential address after he took office. he spoke about the Middle Eastern Peace Settlement as a peace proposal the Arabs must populate up to and to get down “normalizing dealingss with Israel” . Chomsky in an interview with Amy Goodman from Democracy Now quoted that “Well. Obama picked out the corollary. but omitted the substance. which is a manner of stating we’re traveling to keep our rejectionist stance. Couldn’t have been clearer. and that’s what’s happened.

Chomsky besides suggested that due to the bing Israel-States dealingss and the “closely incorporate nature of their civilian industries. it is injudicious to believe that the United States has a impersonal base to the Israel-Palestine struggle. ” He added. “It is little admiration that the most ardent support for Israeli actions comes from the concern imperativeness and the Republican Party. the more extreme of the two business-oriented political parties. ” In position of the go oning war that is taking topographic point in Afghanistan. Obama is said to merely be intensifying the war that started during the Bush disposal.

Harmonizing to the nonpartizan budget and security proctors budget study that was stated in Government Executive. said that the Obama disposal has requested $ 538 billion for the Defense Department in financial 2010 which makes Obama the lone president who has spent more on defence in one twelvemonth term clip since World War II. ” In an article published by Chomsky. he singled out the chief ground the Nobel committee’s determination to present Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. It was with the consideration of Obama’s ‘rhetoric on cut downing atomic power’ .

Several argued that Obama did non present on a batch of what was promised particularly with respect to the Middle East peace understandings. “The hopes and chances for peace aren’t good aligned—not even near. The undertaking is to convey them nigher. Presumably that was the purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize commission in taking President Barack Obama. ” Hence. it can be seen more as an encouragement for the President to do reform instead than any true step of his policy success. Similar positions of unfavorable judgment are besides shared by writer and journalist Webster Griffin Tarpley. who suggests that Obama operates hrough “duplicity. fraudulence and misrepresentation. ”

Although most of his claims expressed through his articles are reasonably overdone and excessively critical of the disposal. his focal point lies chiefly in “say-do gap” and summarizes Obama’s place as a “Wall Street puppet” who he claims is a tool for bankers and moneymans to protect the Wall Street against mass protests. Another challenge the disposal is faced with is the on-going argument of the high budget allotment in Iraq and Afghanistan despite of an escalating unemployment rate and on-going economic recession.

The latest figures in unemployment rates show an addition from two ten percents of a per centum to 9. 8 per centum as the employers’ added merely 39. 000 occupations in November from 172. 000 occupations created in October. ” The study was besides released at the same clip Barrack Obama decided to wing to Afghanistan on an unheralded trip and personally thank the U. S military personnels for their service in Afghanistan during the vacation season. One would inquire if this was merely an effort to switch media concentrate on his unheralded trip and pay less attentiveness to the alarming unemployment figures. Bridging the spread between Policy and Public Diplomacy?

So does public diplomatic negotiations truly matter with the ceaseless enlargement of the spread between rhetoric and workss? Does U. S Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy work in isolation? The chief instability comes from the cardinal difference of how international policies are executed and the shaping factors that govern the execution of public diplomatic negotiations. International policies “at the most elemental degree of resource allotment and decision-making. remains to a great extent militarized. whereas public diplomatic negotiations and its practicians have yet to accommodate to the “exigencies of globalisation.

On the other manus. Obama is surely seen taking important steps overpass the divide between his incoherent foreign policies and public diplomatic negotiations. New media has besides played a permeant function in the significance of public diplomatic negotiations. “The demand for greater attending to public diplomatic negotiations is partially a map of globalized communicating. which has sharpened the points at which policy and public meet. ” In the illustration of Iran. in an attempt to better the Iran-U. S dealingss. Obama had released an on-line picture after Persian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismissed Obama’s invitation to prosecute in duologue.

The picture was posted on the White House functionary web site and a channel on YouTube in which Obama congratulated the Persian citizens on the event of the Nowruz ( “New Day” ) vacation. Although the three minute 20 seconds video failed to appeal to the Persian leaders. the picture every bit addressed the Persian citizens and was being watched by the full universe.

Although this can non be seen as a immense success in footings of repairing relationships with Iran. it surely helps to switch the full incrimination of “strained bilateral relations” from the custodies of the U. S. In position of a permanent impact of U. S public diplomatic negotiations particularly in the universe of synergistic media. it is antediluvian to let public diplomatic negotiations to map in soliloquy. U. S. policy shapers need a far better sense of non merely what the universe thinks of America – we have a good thought of that from a big volume of canvassing – but besides what the universe expects of America.

But although Obama’s manner of turn toing his planetary audience through his assorted popular addresss can reasonably alter the position of the U. S image. it is besides necessary that the American functionaries in the United States and around the universe are capable of populating up to the outlooks that the president has set to present in his addresss. It is besides noted that there is a blunt difference between public diplomatic negotiations in Washington and public diplomatic negotiations of what field stations do who have different issues to turn to refering local issues. While functionaries in Washington decide on planetary policies and expect Foreign Service Officials ( FSOs ) to present these policies to local audiences. it is non merely plenty to double these policies as it is done at the State Department of Washington.

They must every bit be efficient and elaborate on these policies to accommodate the involvements of a local audience. Hence this double position should be considered in transporting out the public diplomatic negotiations both at the province degree and a filed degree. Of class. this does non intend that the FSOs ignore the chief docket of the policies but must bear in head the sensitiveness of local audiences. In an article by William Rugh. Professor at Tufts University he commented that “Even the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. whose occupation it is to oversee the U. S. overnment’s communicating with foreign populaces. tends to see the universe from a Washington position instead than a field position. ”

Rugh farther remarks that in order for the U. S to hold success in public diplomatic negotiations. PD practicians must pass a important sum of clip prosecuting with the local organisations and people of the state. This will give the functionaries a better apprehension of local issues and positions of America. Some besides argue that the Obama disposal should be less focused on the Middle East issues and concentrate on beef uping lost dealingss with Russia. Latin America and Africa.

The U. S Public Diplomacy was mostly criticized after its failure to positively reflect on the terrorist onslaughts in Ingushetia. Russia. Neither did Obama do a phone call to President Medvedev to turn to the issue instantly nor was there a written statement sing this. This created a sense of ill will in the heads of the Russian leaders and citizens particularly after the U. S’ supplication for support from Russia sing Iran’s atomic aspirations. Obama’s Message to the Muslim World

The much anticipated Cairo address that was delivered in June 2009 was watched with much expectancy by the universe with the hope to convey alteration to several tensenesss that still exists between United States and the Islamic universe. The President added “I’ve come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the universe. ” The address focused on cardinal concerns such as the war in Ira. Israel-Palestine struggle. Iran. Human Rights. Gender and Democracy. Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The address was good received by the audience and was broadcast unrecorded. pulling attending worldwide. Moslems from most parts of the universe received his address with esteem and the hope for alteration. “Meanwhile. in Iraq the address failed to bring forth a batch of involvement and wasn’t featured in the newspapers. ” When chiefly concentrating on the context of the address. many Muslims saw letdown in his impersonal take on most issues particularly when it came to the Israel-Palestine issue.

Harmonizing to Noam Chomsky. there was nil important about the Israel-Palestine issue as Obama called on Arabs and Israelis “not to indicate fingers” and “to see struggle this struggle merely on one side or another” . Obama gave no indicant that the function of the United States should be considered in work outing this issue. Chomsky adds stating “Obama has called on the Arab provinces to continue with standardization. studiously disregarding. nevertheless. the important political colony that is its stipulation. Obama’s message to the Muslim universe besides highlights his personal narrative as person “who has Muslim members in his family” Another important focal point on Obama’s messages is empathizes on commonalties with U. S and the Arab universe. “To the Muslim universe. we seek a new manner frontward. based on common involvement and common regard. ” But even his insistent slang of the “Muslim World” has created an unwilled result of re-emphasising the American antagonists in the eyes of Muslim extremists.

Extremist Muslims perceive humanity to be a divide between Muslims and Non-Muslims and such a usage in slang could ensue in a sense of enforcement of America’s political orientations in the heads of extremists. Another illustration of Obama’s failure to efficaciously pass on with the Arab universe is the launching of the Arab telecasting intelligence channel by the U. S. Al-Hurra. “The chief function of Al-Hurra is to show the American positions to the Arab universe. The U. S. authorities invested more than $ 620 million and was intended to vie against Al-Jazeera.

Due to the hapless production of intelligence and coverage. Al-Hurra hardly had any viewership compared to one of the most popular intelligence channels in the Middle East. The U. S should alternatively end the channel and work towards happening a channel of communicating with an audience. Conclusion Public Diplomacy. as it is recognized today is indivisible from both foreign policies and the diplomatic relationships with its Alliess. American narrations in public battle schemes are with the basic premise that Americans are misunderstood by the universe and hence at that place exists a demand for “re-presentation” .

Obama is to the full seen to follow this narration and has besides to a just extent reinvigorated the image of the U. S. to carry through inexplicit political schemes. Yet. there still exists a parallel argument sing the efficiency of the Obama disposal. The CNAS America’s Extended Handbook made some relevant recommendations. few of which are highlighted here. “Firstly. to develop public battle scheme in support of all major policies particularly those identified in the extroverted 2010 National Security Strategy. Second. purchase renewed U.

S standing in states such as Turkey. Indonesia and Brazil where the popularity of the U. S was non translated into greater co-operation. The enchiridion besides suggested that a major follow through of presidential addresss and to carry on a major reappraisal of U. S broadcast medium and the airing board of governors. This essay has shown the major drawbacks in President Obama’s public diplomatic negotiations and a point of view that views Obama’s public diplomatic negotiations as a failure in footings of presenting what he said he would through his communicating with the universe.

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