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Sports refer to all forms of competitive physical activities that are organized in a particular pattern. Individuals engage in sports with the aim of improving their physical fitness, earning a living, and getting entertained. The choice of a sport depends on the likes and interests of an individual. Sportsmen and sportswomen are always urged to maintain proper conduct when taking part in different types of sports in order to ensure that there is extreme enjoyment. Spectators and fans are also obliged to respect the outcomes of different sports events, as this boosts accountability. Woods asserts that the intrinsic value sporting experience will always depend on the manner individuals conduct themselves. Proper conduct will lead to display of improved skills and experience, increase fairness in the administration of matches, and boost the sporting experience as an earning career. On the other hand, deviant sports behaviour lead to gradual death of sports.

This essay explicates the manner in which the conduct of individuals affects the sporting experience from an ethical perspective.

Proper behaviour boosts the development of new skills and experience in the world of sports. All sports are attractive because of the quality of the skills that are displayed by players and coaches. Alderman points out that with proper conduct, a player is able to learn newer skills from the opponents. They are able to rectify their mistakes in cases of any loss. It is vital to maintain calmness in the field of play in order to ensure that there is a smooth running of the game. Players are expected to respect each other and gradually learn from their opponents. Effective learning will boost the skills and experience that are required in that particular sport. The value of any given sport would rise as individuals display the new experiences learnt from others and those taught by the coach. According to Appenzeller, the display of high-level skills will boost the value of the sporting experience and most individuals will be willing to watch the different types of sport that exist. Most people would be attracted by the beauty of the skills displayed in the field of play, thus increasing the number of fans of a particular sport. Therefore, proper behavior will boost the intrinsic value of any given sporting experience, as there is display of newer skills and experience that are attractive.

Another impact of proper conduct on the intrinsic value of the sporting experience is the enhancement of fairness in the administration of matches. Sports matches will always end peacefully if there is effective and fair refereeing. All the concerned parties will only be satisfied if matches are administered according to the existing rules and regulations. According to Weinberg & Gould, ethics is a vital component in the refereeing of different matches. It is vital for referees to conduct themselves with the required level of integrity and accountability in order to ensure that the results emanating from different sporting experiences are admissible to all the parties involved. Players are also expected to respect independent decisions made by referees in order to ensure that transparency is upheld in the sporting experiences. Tenenbaum & Eklund point out that proper conduct amongst referees and players boosts the level of fairness that is witnessed in the refereeing of matches. This means that results can be appreciated, as they arise from different sporting activities. The intrinsic value of any sporting experience will be boosted by the level of fairness that exists. Fairness boosts acceptability of different sporting experiences and ensures a high level of competition that leads to the improvement of sports.

The value of sports as income-earning careers would improve with proper behaviour. People engage in sports for different reasons. Most of the sportsmen and sportswomen engage in sports with the aim of earning a living. For most individuals it is a career that bears many benefits. Enterprises notes that the value of sports as a career would only improve in case proper conduct is upheld among different individuals. The lack of discippline will discredit the value of sports as a career among individuals. A career in sports ensures a handsome amount of money and other benefits to individuals who understand how to properly utilize the opportunities that come with it. Most individuals earn excessive amounts of money due to their engagement in different sporting activities. According to Smith & Bar-Eli, a successful sporting career will only come about in case there is discipline, integrity, and humility among individuals. Patience is also a key virtue for the improvement in the value of sports as a career. Thus, proper behaviour will ensure that the intrinsic value of sports as a career improves, and individuals earn a living from the world of sports.

Improper conduct in sports affects the intrinsic value of sporting experiences negatively. The love for sports is likely to decline among individuals in cases where there are constant conflicts. Gau & University report that players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in the field of play and respect decisions made by referees. On the other hand, fans are expected to respect results of different sporting activities. Luiselli & Reed assert that it is improper for fans to engage in quarrels and fights in the event of loss. This signifies improper conduct that leads to the gradual decline of the sporting experience. Constant misbehaviours are likely to shift the focus of different individuals from sports. This leads to lack of popularity and decline of support for different sporting experiences.

In conclusion, sports require a proper level of conduct. Effective conduct will lead to the improvement of skills and experience; it will also boost fairness in sporting activities and improve sporting experiences as a career. On the other hand, improper conduct, such as fights, affects the value of sports, as the support from individuals decline. It is vital to always uphold the moral and ethical standards relating to sporting experiences in order to ensure that there is success. Discipline is a key element for the success of sporting activities.

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