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Have you ever wondered how your car, your computer, or even a can of beans is made?  Well, it is all done by a computer-controlled machine that is programmed to move, manipulate objects, and accomplish work while interacting with its environment (Robot). This complicated machine is called a Robot. Robots have been used all over the world to help make dangerous or even long labored jobs a simple task (Reaching).  They work in mines, industrial factories, consumer goods factories, and many more places. Robots are also used as personal hobbies, as seen in many movies, shows, etc (Schoeffler).  Robots have existed for over 80 years and there potential is only growing more and more (Robot).  Robots are essential to the world we live in today, because of all the different things they are used for a daily basis.

Robots have been used in many dangerous environments, keeping humans from being harmed (Reaching). For example, The Department of energy faces the enormous task of cleaning up radioactive waste and harmful chemicals accumulated during years of nuclear weapons production at sites across the country (Robots work).  To clean this mess up the DOE uses robots.  This is a very practical

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way to prevent harm to humans from the radioactive material.  This is one job that is not to be messed around with a human life.  Also the robots are very cost effective, because of the risk involved and the fact that they never get tired (Robots work). For people to do the job the robots do, it would require very high pay and very skilled technicians (Robots work).  It would be hard to find a skilled professional to risk their life for this job.  Robots are also being used by the military to eliminate the need for manual rearming of battle tanks (Reaching).

This is good because once again it will provide a safe environment and increase efficiency.  They will also help the army in terms of cost effectiveness.  For instance, when tank after tank are coming in for ammunition rearming the job can be done without costly humans getting tired and needing fill-ins. Many scientists are now using robots to explore volcanoes, which have the potential to erupt (Reaching).  The robots are sent down on cable and later take soil samples and test for volcanic pressure (Reaching).  This is helping the world to better understand and predict volcanic eruptions (Reaching).  It may later lead to the prevention of many volcanic disasters.  Without these robots many people would have to put their lives to risk for something as stupid as a nuclear waste clean up.

If anyone has ever have wondered how a car is made, well the answer is a robot. To do this CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) computers operate machine tools that make various parts and components.  They also instruct robots that weld and paint the car.  Metal stamping is a method used to manufacture cars, where a machine is programmed (robot) to shape metal into the form of a dye. This method makes the making of parts for a car very productive. For example, after the parts are ready the robots can put together an average of 75 cars an hour.  Imagine a human trying to do that many cars an hour. Welding Robots are used to weld together the parts made by the dye and produce the car body frame.  This also makes the construction of cars a simple task. The robots can make many cars in a very short time and do it with extreme accuracy, which is very important when making a car.  Robots are very essential to the mass production of cars in the present day in time (Automobile).

Robots are used all the time in the making of consumer goods, such as clothing, food, toys, and much more (Clothing).  In the food industry robots are used to transfer food from one assembly line to another, to can food, and to package final products (Food).  This makes it easier on companies to use robots because they never need a break and can always perform their duties to the fullest (Manufacturing).  Food packaging can be done precisely and very quickly with robots (food). Also in the Consumer industry-making clothes is much simpler when using robots (Clothing). Robots are used to stitch clothes exactly the same way every time making it very easy to make mass quantities of the clothing (Clothing). They can also be used to produce letters, drawings, or patterns on clothing with exact accuracy (Clothing).

In addition, many robots are used to manufacture toys; the molding machines are considered robots because of their ability to create a toy by means of instruction (Henningsen).  Robots are also used to take the parts made by the injection molding machines and to assemble them to make a complete toy (Henningsen).  Once the toy product is down robots also can sort the toys for shipping (Henningsen).  All these products mentioned above are used worldwide all the time and with out robot assistance this would be near to impossible.  Robots play their biggest role in the production of consumer goods (Robots).

Robotics is a personal hobby that many people thrive off of.  Robotics to some people is like basketball to Michael Jordan, and they are a way of life for many hobbyists.  Personal robots are truly the most fascinating types of robots and the most commonly recognized ones.  For example, many people know about the robots in Stars wars, which talk and have human features. This is what most people would say a robot is.  Well that is exactly what a hobby robot is. The kind of robot that drives around interacting with its environment and entertaining its audience in the mean time (Schoeffler).  Most commonly they have heads with eye or resemble a living creature. They are like any other hobby. People try to improve their skills and try different methods. They enter nation wide contests and win prizes for having their robot perform a certain task the best.  Robots are essential in the world as far as hobbyists are concerned.

Probably the fastest growing industry beginning to lead in the use of robots is technological industry. Computers are becoming more and more important every day and peoples interest in them is growing like crazy.  The first computer ever made took up a large room and could only compute what a basic calculator can do today; it was built by electricians doing tons of wiring.

Today the thinking power of a computer is microscopic and is impossible for a human to build.  So how are they built you ask?  Well, humans obviously design and virtually build the CPU (Central Processing Unit) on a computer that is interfaced with many very precise robots.  The robots use lasers and special tools to build the CPU.  Robots are also used in computers and many other electronics to place and solder electronic components onto circuit boards.  Circuit boards are very messy sometimes and take very accurate placing of components.  Robots are the major factor in the technology age because it would not be possible without it (Computer).

So all in all robots are proven to be an essential part of this world. It has been a great lesson to learn about the importance of robotics in the food, clothing, and toy industries.  Finding the importance of robots for jobs, which are too dangerous or harmful for a human to perform was also very intriguing.  Robots are amazing how they can have such a strong meaning in this world.  Robots have the power to expand their uses and more and more people are trying to come up with new uses everyday or just modifying the current uses.  We drive cars, operate computers, and eat canned food all the time and realize that, yes; robots are essential in our daily lives.

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