Essentials of Marketing Chapter 15 – Advertising, Publicity, and Sales Promotion

Advertising allowances
Price reductions to firms further along in the channel to encourage them to advertise or otherwise promote the firm’s product details
Cooperative advertising
Involves producers sharing in the cost of ads with wholesalers or retailers
Competitive advertising
Tries to develop selective demand for a specific brand
Direct Competitive Advertising
Aims for immediate buying action
Indirect Competitive Advertising
Points out product advantages to affect future buying decisions
Comparative Advertising
Making specific brand comparisons using actual product names
Reminder Advertising
Soft-sell ads that just mention or show the name as a reminder
Copy Thrust
What the words and illustrations should communicate
Tone and language
To hold interest, the _____ and _____ of the ad must fit with the experiences and attitudes of the target customers and their reference groups
Unique selling proposition
To arouse desire an ad should usually focus on a _____ that aims at an important unsatisfied need.
Advertising Agencies
Specialists in planning and handling mass-selling details for advertisers

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