Essentials of Marketing, 14th Edition (Principles of Marketing Class) Ch. 1-18

Controlling is vital to the marketing management process because:
it measures results and evaluates progress leading to the changes in plans or the creation of new plans
when planning a marketing strategy, managers have control over
objectives, opportunity evaluation, preparing, creation and developing all parts of a firm
Buying Processes
New-task (new need of customers), straight (repurchase made many times over) and modified rebuy (a more laid-back review)
Selective policies against retailers help to prevent
1. place orders that are too small 2. too many product returns or too much service 3. have a poor credit rating 4. not responsible
Manufacturers’ Sale Branches
warehouses that producers set up at separate locations away form their factories (4.7% of wholesale facilities, but handle 26.3% of the total amount of wholesale sales)
General Merchandise Wholesalers
service wholesalers who carry nonperishable items such as hardware, electrical supplies, furniture, cosmetics and automobile equipment
Integrated Marketing Communications
the intentional coordination of every communication from a firm to a target customer to convey a consistent and complete message
Medium fitting to the marketing strategy depends on
1) your promotion objectives 2) what target markets you want to reach 3) the funds available for advertising 4) the nature of the media via whom they reach, what frequency, what impact and what cost

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