Essentials of Marketing 14th edition, chapter 14

basic sales tasks
order-getting, order-taking, and supporting
order getters
concerned with establishing relationships with new customers and developing new business
seeking possible buyers with a well-organized sales presentation designed to sell a good, service, or idea
order takers
sell to the regular or established customers, complete most sales transactions, and maintain relationships with their customers
the routine completion of sales made regularly to target customers; usually requires ongoing follow-up
supporting salespeople
help the order-oriented salespeople, but they don’t try to get orders themselves
missionary salespeople
supporting salespeople who work for producers–calling on intermediaries and their customers
technical specialists
supporting salespeople who provide technical assistance to order-oriented salespeople
customer service reps
work with customers to resolve problems that arise with a purchase, usually after the purchase has been made
team selling
when different people work together on a specific account
major accounts sales force
sells directly to large accounts
using the telephone to “call” on customers or prospects
sales territory
a geographic area that is the responsibility of one salesperson or several working together
job description
written statement of what a salesperson is expected to do
sales quota
specific sales or profit objective a salesperson is expected to achieve
following all the leads in the target market to identify potential customers
sales presentation
a salesperson’s effort to make a sale or address a customer’s problem
prepared sales presentation
uses a memorized presentation that is not adapted to each individual customer
the salesperson’s request for an order
consultative selling approach
developing a good understanding of the individual customer’s needs before trying to close the sale
selling formula approach
starts with a prepared presentation outline–much like the prepared approach–and leads the customer through some logical steps to a final close

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