Essentials of Aviation Management

Identifying and selecting appropriate goals and course of action.
Conceptual Skills
ability to analyze and diagnose a situation and to distinguish between cause and effect.
Technical Skills
job-specific knowledge and techniques required to perform an organizational role
Using outside suppliers and manufactures to produce goods and services.
What are the four managerial functions?
Organizing, Planning, Leading, Controlling
Levels of Management
Top Level – CEO
Middle Level – Branch Manager, District manager
First Line – Shift leader, team leader
un-ethical Violations
stealing from employees or customers
illegally copying software etc
What is intuition?
Your “gut feeling”. Making a decision based upon experience.
What is creativity?
Developing new ideas
What is job design?
the process of laying out job responsibilities and duties and describing how they are to be performed
short, inspiring statement of what the organization intends to become and goals it’s seeking to achieve
ability to power and influence to coordinate people and groups
the expansion of employees’ knowledge, tasks and decision-making responsibilities with delegation of power
group of people who work together with similar knowledge and skills to perform their jobs
barriers to entry
economies of scale
brand loyalty
government regulations
potential competitors
organizations that presently are not in a task environment but could enter if they so choose
turn round coordinator duties
ensure safe secure and punctual aircraft turn round.
Maintain effective coordination of the suppliers and contractors engaged
To coordinate and direct all operational activities within the turn round including, loading, fueling, aircraft servicing.
Responsible for handling aircraft documentation including flight plans, met folders, load sheets, etc,
checking that the documentation is for the appropriate flight, date and aircraft.
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