Essay on The breakfast club

The Breakfast Club – Film Review

“The Breakfast Club” might be one of the greatest R-Rated films of all time. Yes, they drop the f-bomb more than just a couple of times. Yes, they tastelessly smoke weed on-screen. And yes, Judd Nelson’s arrogant swaggering tough guy character sexually harasses Molly Ringwald’s prom queen character in a very raw way. But they […]

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Psychology Principles in the Breakfast Club

A “quintessential 80’s film. ” The Breakfast Club is a movie rich with psychological rules. This film is about a group of high school adolescents filled with personal angst who spend a Saturday functioning their detainment sentences in the school library. Each adolescent from a different coterie. they didn’t expect to associate every bit much […]

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The Breakfast Club Reaction Paper

An athlete, a brain, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal comprise the Breakfast Club. I found the plot of the movie very relatable. Even though it was released some years back, it still has the power to touch the hearts of the viewers. Moreover, I found the scene about them describing their families […]

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The Breakfast Club and Contact Hypothesis

Don’t You, Forget About Contact Hypothesis, Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t What does a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal all have in common? Much more than just a required Saturday detention. The Breakfast Club gives viewers a first hand look at Gordon Allport’s Contact Hypothesis and it’s effect on high […]

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