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Zoology Mammals and Primates

question method of reproduction answer There are three major groups of mammals, categorized on the basis of their _____. -presence or absence of hair -method of locomotion -method of reproduction -size -habitat question location of the eyes at the front of the head answer Primate evolution and behavior, such as hunting skills, have been directed […]

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Zoology Study Guide

question Kingdom Animalia: Phylum Porifera answer sponges. -invertibrate -asymetrical symmetry -some sponges are amebocytes -has spicules to give the sponge structuse question Kingdom Animalia: Phylum Cnidaria answer sea anemones, corals, and sea fans. -have stinging cells called nematocysts -radial symmetry -produce asexually -two major body plans: polyp and medusa question Kingdom Animalia: Phylum Platyhelminthes answer […]

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