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Yellow Wallpaper and Story of an Hour Mini-Test

question How women with mental conditions were treated in 1890s answer Prolonged rest and isolation. Doctors assumed women got \”nervous conditions\” because they were naturally weaker than men question John and narrator’s relationship answer Very patriarchial. John is the ruler of the house and does not treat the narrator like an adult/wife but more like […]

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The Yellow Wallpaper Plot Structure

question Exposition answer The narrator and her husband, John, who is a doctor, comes to stay at at house for the summer; narrator finds this house to be scary, mostly due to her \”temporary nervous depression.\” question Rising Action answer The narrator becomes especially interested in the ugly yellow wallpaper that is in her bedroom; […]

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"The Yellow Wallpaper" Quotes

question \”Stripped off in patches… answer …at the head of my bed.\” question \”…sprawling, flamboyant patterns… answer …committing every artistic sin.\” question \”Dull enough to confuse the eye… answer …pronounced enough to constantly irritate and provoke study…\” question \”…plunges off at outrageous angles, destroys… answer …in unheard of contradictions.\” question \”The color is repellent… answer […]

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Review "The Yellow Wallpaper"

question Summary of the story answer This story is written as journal entries by the narrator as she spends her summer vacation in this house that her husband takes her to. The narrator has depression and thinks that by keeping a journal to entertain her and help her be imaginative -disturbed by yellow wallpaper -she […]

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