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Toxicology Final Exam Study Guide

question Uritcaria answer typical hives which are pruritic red wheals that erupt on the skin question Asthma answer a common occurence after exposure to an induce of uritcaria question Inducer of Urticaria answer Curare, aspirin, axo dyes, plant and animal toxins question Contact Urticaria Chemicals answer cobalt chloride, benzoic acid, BHA, methanol question Hyperpigmentation answer […]

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question Pharmacology answer study of how drugs interact with living organisms and how the body affects the drugs. question Pharmaceuticals answer substances that have medicinal properties. question Pharmacokinetics (PK) answer the study of the body’s effects on the drug, to include; absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion question Pharmacodynamics (PD) answer the study of the physiological […]

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Toxicology and Air Pollution Bock

question Risk, Probability, and Hazards Risks and hazards—some avoidable, some not—compromise everyday life. answer A risk is a measure of your likelihood of suffering harm from a hazard. 1. Such a hazard may cause injury, disease, economic loss, or environmental damage. 2. Risk assessment is projected as a probability: a mathematical statement about how likely […]

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EMT chapter 19 Toxicology

question substance abuse is MOST accurately defined as answer knowingly misusing substances to produce a desired effect question the EMTs primary responsibility to the patient who has been poisoned is to answer recognize that a poisoning has occurred question heroin is an example of an answer opioid question hypotension,hypoventilation, and pinpoint pupils would be expected […]

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EMT ch. 21 toxicology

question A 49-year-old male presents with confusion, sweating, and visual hallucinations. The patient’s wife tells you that he is a heavy drinker and she thinks he had a seizure shortly before your arrival. This patient is MOST likely experiencing: answer delirium tremens question A person who routinely misuses a substance and requires increasing amounts to […]

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