Test Answers on theater

Intro to Theater – Collin College

question 2 types of theater answer 1. Ritual 2. Storytelling question ritual answer religious or cultural. ex. marriage or baptism question storytelling answer retelling of the history of a tribe. ex plots, characters, emotions; passing on the story question Dionysus answer God of: 1. wine; 2. fertility; 3. theater; week long theater fest – question […]

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theater final

question Stanislavsky/The Stanislavsky system answer Almost all modern actor-training methods trace their heritage to this Russian Actor. emotional memory and method acting question Empathy answer the ability to understand and identify with another’s situation, feelings, and motives so completely that you feel you are experiencing that situation and those emotions. question Stanislavsky technique is based […]

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Theater App module 3

question Multi-focus environments, where something is going on in more than one playing area simultaneously, are typically found in which kind of stage space? proscenium stage arena stage thrust stage created and found spaces answer created and found spaces question In which of the following is the playing space in the center of a square […]

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The Art of Theater Ch. 14

question During the Renaissance many people thought ancient Greek plays were entirely sung. This led to what new type of theatre? answer Commedia dell’arte question During the Renaissance some scholars idolized the Romans and Greeks; they rejected the traditional curriculum of theology and instead studied the classical subjects. These scholars were called? answer The Students […]

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Theater Terms Answers

aesthetic distance Physical or psychological separation or detachment of audience from dramatic action, usually considered necessary for artistic illusion. apron (forestage) area in front of the main curtain arena stage/theatre in the round staging in the center of a room with the audience sitting on all sides of the stage backdrop Painted cloth or set […]

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Theater – Space

Amphitheatres -low stage with ascending seats -less intimate between audience and actors -no onstage violence, only in daylight Ludi The ludi were public Roman games started before 220 B.C. as annual communal games to give thanks to the gods. Mime a performance using gestures and body movements without words pantomime a play or story performed […]

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Theater appreciation 7-9

question Which of the following is NOT a convention of dramatic structure? answer limited conflict question Medieval cycle plays were known to go on for as long as answer twenty five days question A full account of an event or series of events, usually told in chronological order, is called a answer story question A […]

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Theater Chapter 4: Difference Between the Contemporary and Playwright in Shakespeare’s Time

question the playwright no longer functions as a director, but is now considered an independent artist answer One difference between the playwright in Shakespeare’s time and the contemporary playwright is that question mania and paranoia answer Playwrights by their creative natures, generally have vivid imaginations that can and often do lead to question a person […]

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