Test Answers on The things they carried

the things they carried chapter 21-22 "Night life"/"The Lives of the Dead"

How was Rat Kiley wounded? He shot himself in the foot. What wouldn’t the narrator do, despite the urging of the other soldiers? Shake the hand of an old man that was killed in a napalm strike. Who was Linda? A girl from his childhood and first kiss and date. How Linda die? Brian tumor. […]

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The Things They Carried – Packet Questions and Chart Info

question Why did the men hate searching tunnels? answer They found themselves worrying about odd things, like if their flashlights would go dead or if rats carried rabies or if they screamed if they buddies could hear it, and if they could, if they would have the courage to find you. question How did Ted […]

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The Things They Carried – Chapters Summary – Flashcards with Answers

Ch 1:”The Things They Carried” -Lieutenant Jimmy Cross talk about his lover Martha and how he always carried her letter and pebble with him. – Also introduce you to other solider and what they carried wait them. -One day they were on a mission and Cross was distracted by the thought of Martha one of […]

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The Things They Carried Chapter Summaries

The Things They Carried (1) The story stating what the soldiers carried (both figurative and physical) and how much they weighed. Also outlines the relationship between Jimmy Cross and Martha and explains Ted Lavender’s death. Love (26) Jimmy Cross visits Tim after the war and they talk about Cross’s love Martha and about Ted Lavender’s […]

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the things they carried chapter 15-16 "Speaking of Courage"/"Notes"

Where did Norman Bowker drive? Around the lake. What medal didn’t Norman Bowker win? Silver star. What kind of field were the soldiers camped in? Shit field (swamp). What happened to Kiowa? drowned in the mud. What did Norman Bowker almost tell the intercom? He was going to tell my story. Why was “Speaking of […]

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Study Guide- The things they carried

question What did Hump mean answer to travel on foot when carrying supplies. question What did Jimmy Cross do with the photos? answer Burned it. question For what had Jimmy Cross never forgiven himself? answer Ted Lavenders death question for what favor did Jimmy Cross ask the narrator? answer Don’t write this. question Back in […]

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The Things They Carried Study Guide

question What sort of things did the young men in Vietnam carry? answer emotional baggage (fear, guilt, love) and tangible things. Everything they carry represent who they are question What happened to Ted Lavender? answer shot in the head on his way back from peeing. (situation: lee strunk had just got out of the foxhole […]

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The Things They Carried – Theme, Symbol, and Setting

question Physical and Emotional Burdens (Theme) answer The men carry physical things in the text, however, the theme shows the emotional burdens the men carry with them home and through the rest of their lives. These burdens often do not find an outlet for relief. Those men who cannot find a way to relieve their […]

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The Things They Carried–test review

question Jimmy Cross answer First Lieutenant, platoon leader; carried letters from Martha and 2 photographs of her (one yearbook volleyball shot and the other she stood against a brick wall), compass, maps, code books, binoculars, .45-caliber-pistol, strobe light and responsibility for the lives of his men, good-luck pebble from Martha; in love with Martha question […]

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"The Things They Carried" (by Tim O’Brien) character analysis

question Tim O’Brien answer The author and narrator of the book, anti-war; deals with his guilt about the war by telling stories, some of which are made up, to explain the way he feels; has a daughter named Kathleen (who, in real life, does not exist); kills a VC soldier (the scrawny mathematician) The protagonist […]

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