Test Answers on Project Management Flashcards


question Membership and roles Responsibilities for team Knowledge and skills answer Analogy in understanding project manager for a large project by comparing them to the roles of a conductor for a large orchestra question The role of a project manager is distinct from that of a functional manager or operations manager. Typically, the functional manager […]

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ICS-200b – Leadership

question 1. _ means that each individual involved in incident operations will be assigned to only one supervisor. A. Unity of Command B. Unified Command C. Supervisor Authority D. Span of Control answer A. Unity of Command question 2. Representatives from Assisting or Cooperating Agencies and Organizations coordinate through: A. Operations Section Chief B. Logistics […]

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Exam 2 – Leadership

question People’s expectations from work (such as work providing necessary income or work providing satisfactory experiences) refer to answer Functions of work. question Conclusions from the World Values Survey and the European Values Survey on functions of work reveal that answer People from different nations do not assign the same magnitude of importance to work […]

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475 Final – Leadership

question Performance is best described as: A. the likelihood that behaviors will be repeated without reward. B. judgments about the adequacy or inadequacy of behavior. C. behaviors directed toward the organization’s mission. D. how much an individual enjoys a work activity. answer C. behaviors directed toward the organization’s mission. question Which of the following involves […]

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Leadership Chapter 12 Test Questions

question industrial-organizational psychology answer optimize human behavior in workplace question glucose answer form of sugar in the blood question theory y answer workers motivated to achieve self-esteem intrinsic question anorexia nervosa answer eating disorder – dieting question instinct answer unlearned behavior found throughout a species question social leadership answer group oriented question basal metabolic rate […]

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Ch. 14 – Leadership

question Which of the following is NOT advice from career coach Richard Knowdell for staying ahead in the workplace of tomorrow? A. Develop new and diverse capacities B. Anticipate, adapt to and embrace change C. Focus on workplace learning rather than the classroom D. When considering a job or industry, don’t rely on reputation E. […]

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Exam 4 – Leadership

question Most of the legislative work of Congress is performed by answer the standing committees and their subcommittees with jurisdiction over particular policy areas. question According to E. E. Schattschneider, the interest-group system has a answer strong upper-class bias. question The dominant policymaking political institution during most of the nineteenth century was answer congress question […]

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Runes – Leadership

question Fehu looks like an F, which stands for “fee”, because fehu is associated with money. money, income, abundance, property, cattle, luck, energy, creativity, motivation, success and happiness, fertility, self-worth, becoming, productivity, social status and success answer Fehu question Uruz stands for an ox, whose horns are pointed down. Uruz is “U” inverted. ox, shaping […]

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