Test Answers on problem solving

Measurements and Problem Solving

question Conversion Factor answer A factor used to convert between two separate units; a conversion factor is constructed from any two quantities known to be equivalent. question Decimal Part answer One part of a number expressed in scientific notation. question Density answer A fundamental property of materials that relates mass and volume and differes from […]

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Language and Problem Solving Test

question An algorithm is a guiding rule used to solve problems or make decisions. answer False question Research indicates that individuals often assume that all numerical information included in a problem should contribute to the solution. answer True question Underextension in language occurs when a child incorrectly uses one word to describe other objects or […]

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Chapter 3: Solving Problems By Searching

Atomic Representation States of world consider whole with no internal structure visible to the problem solving algorithm. Problem Solving Agent An agent that uses atomic representation to solve problems. Planning agent An goal-based agent that uses factored or structures representations. Uninformed Search Algorithms that are given no information about the problem other than its definition. […]

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9.3 Problem Solving: Writing to Explain

question benchmark fraction answer when estimating, a fraction that is close to the actual fractional amount question common fractions answer 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

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