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AP Human Geography Exam

question Geography answer To write about the earth question Purpose of Early Geography answer Studied places and regions for practical purposes question Eratosthenes answer -One of the world’s first cartographers -Head librarian at Alexandria -Coined the term geography -Computed the Earth’s circumference question Ptolemy answer -Efforts represent a significant early contribution to both geography and […]

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Rubinstein Chapter 1 Answers

question Scale is answer The relationship between the length of an object on a map and that feature on the landscape. question 1:24,000 is an example of what kind of scale? answer Fractional scale question What elements of study do human and physical geography have in common? answer They are concerned with where things occur […]

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GEO Ch. 1 – Physical Geography

question Geography is described as answer A spacial science question The word spacial refers to answer The nature and character of physical space question A principle methodology governing geographic inquiry answer Involves spacial analysis question Best describes the current emphasis in the field of physical geography answer Understanding how earth’s systems interact to produce natural […]

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South East Asia Chapter 13

question Khmer Rouge answer literally ” Red (or communist) Cambodians” this left-wing insurgent group led by French=educated Marxist rebelled against the royal Cambodian government in the early 1960’s and again in a peasants’ revolt in 1967. question lingua France answer an agreed-upon common language to facilitate communication on specific topics such as international business, politics, […]

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GEOG 110 Chapter 1

question Geography combines answer disciplines from the physical and life sciences with disciplines from the human and cultural sciences to attain a holistic view of the Earth question Geography’s spatial viewpoint examines answer the nature and character of physical space and the distribution of phenomena within it question Geographic science integrates a wide range of […]

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Practice Exam, Ch. 1

question The word geography comes from the Greek, meaning ________. answer Earth description question Which of the following is NOT a major topic taught in a course of introductory physical geography? answer population question Earth’s “life zone” in the atmosphere extends from Earth’s surface to an altitude of approximately ________ kilometers. answer 5 question Which […]

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GEOG 121 quiz 1

question Which of the following is NOT a major topic taught in a course of introductory physical geography? answer population question Geography is ________. answer a combination of physical and social sciences question The ________ is a basic unit of distance in the Système International (metric system). answer meter question The solid, inorganic portion of […]

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Mastering Geo Ch. 1

question What are the two concepts used by geographers to explain why every place is unique? answer Region and Place question Who wrote an 8-volume guide to geography? answer Ptolemy question Which map scale would most likely be used on a map to guide tourists on a walking tour of downtown Seattle? answer 1:2,000 Fractional […]

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Homework 1 Answers

question Earth description answer The word geography comes from the Greek, meaning ________. the study of rocks Earth description planet measurement drawing of maps the study of human culture question population answer Which of the following is NOT a major topic taught in a course of introductory physical geography? climate plants soil landforms population question […]

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Geog 202- Middle East

question What is the primary cause of the salinization of soils in North Africa and Southwest Asia? answer Irrigation question Most countries in North Africa and Southwest Asia tap into groundwater supplies to meet their water needs. Which country is the exception to this pattern? answer Egypt question What is an example of pastoral nomadism […]

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Chapter 10 Studying

question Alps in the North, the Apennines along the length of the Italian Peninsula. answer What mountain ranges are in Italy, and where are they located? question Because they had a very mild climate. answer Why could the Romans grow a wide variety of crops? question The Romans used the hills for defense and captured […]

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