Test Answers on nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine Registry Review

question 3.7 x 10^10 Bq = answer 1 Ci question 1 rad = answer 0.01 Gy question 1 Gy = answer 100 rad question 1 rem = answer 0.01 Sv question 1 Sv = answer 100 rem question 1 mCi = answer 37 mBq question Another name for mertiatiade is… answer MAG3 question Another name […]

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Dave’s: Nuclear Medicine Board Review 5

question TCM-99 DISIDA answer HEPATOBILIARY question TCM-99 DMSA answer RENAL CORTICAL SCANNING question TCM-99 DTPA AEROSOL answer LUNG question TCM-99 DTPA IV answer BRAIN RENAL (GFR) question TCM-99 DTPA (ORAL) answer LIQUID GASTRIC EMPTYING question TCM-99 ECD answer BRAIN SCAN question TCM-99 HMPAO answer BRAIN question TCM-99 LABELED RBC answer GI BLEEDING SCAN question TCM-99 […]

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Basics of Nuclear medicine ; radiopharmaceuticals and the Gamma camera

question nuclear medicine is… answer application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease question what information does nuclear medicine seek to find? answer physiological information question under what principle does nuclear medicine work? answer using radiolabelled pharmaceuticals question what is radioactivity answer spontaneous disintegration of an unstable nucleus with an emission of […]

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radiation safety for nuclear medicine

question The use, purchase, transfer, and disposal of RAM is regulated by which agencies? answer NRC State government (Agreement State) question What responsibilities does an Agreement State have? answer Enforce regulations that are basically equivalent to the NRC (perform inspections, levies fines and citations) question Byproduct Material answer Any radioactive material yielded or made radioactive […]

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Nuclear medicine

question Historical Development answer 1803- John Dalton Considered the father of the modern theory of atoms and molecules 1895- Wilhelm Roentgen Discovered x-ray 1896- Henri Becquerel Discovered naturally occurring radioactive substances 1898- Marie Curie Discovered two new elements in the uranium ore 1958- Hal Anger Introduced Gamma camera 1960- David Edwards and Roy Kuhl Single […]

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Nuclear Medicine Radiation Safety

question Roentgen answer 1cc in Air External X & Gamma rays GM Survey Meters question SI Unit for Roentgen answer Coulombs/kilogram 3880 question REM (R) answer To Man External & Internal X, Gamma, Alpha, Beta Radiation Badges Rem=Rad x QF question SI unit for REM(R) answer Sievert (Sv) 1 Sv=100Rem question RAD answer Deposited in […]

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Nuclear Medicine Physics: Gamma Camera

question What are the ideal properties of a gamma camera? answer question Define factors which measure camera performance answer question What performance measures are used to measure performance of gamma cameras? answer question When do counts rate losses occur? answer question What is the downside of modern flood field sources? answer question Explain a simple […]

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Dave’s: Nuclear Medicine Board Review 15

question Indium 111 WBC scan answer question Indium 111 WBC scan answer Dose: 500 uCi Indium-111 question Indium 111 WBC scan answer T1/2: 2.8 (3) days question Indium 111 WBC scan answer Photopeaks: 173 and 247 keV (20% windows) question Indium 111 WBC scan answer Imaging: planar +/- spect at ?4, 24, ?48 hr question […]

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RDTC 119 – Class 8: Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy

question imaging that uses high frequency sound waves which are reflected and received answer sonography question what frequency of sound waves does sonography use? answer 1-15 MHz (1,000,000 Hz) question what is the frequency range can humans hear? answer 15 Hz to 20,000 Hz question what is contained in ultrasound transducers to produce sounds waves […]

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