Test Answers on neuroscience

Introduction to Neuroscience

question neurochemistry answer study of chemistry of neural function question neurophysiology answer the physiology of neurons; the study of hormones question psychophysiology answer study of the brain by making recordings from the brain to the body question neuroanatomy answer anatomy of the brain question neuropharmocology answer study of how drugs interact with neural tissue question […]

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Neuroscience Exam 1 Chapter 1

question Neuroanatomy answer Structures and connections question Neurochemistry answer Neurotransmitters, and neurochemical functions of neurons question Neuroendocrinology answer interactions between the endocrine system and the nervous system question Neuropathology answer examine brain disease and dysfunctions question Neurology answer field of medicine concerned with functional examination of the human brain question Nueropharmacology answer examines drug effects […]

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Neuroscience CH1,3,15

question What is neuroscience? answer designates interdisciplinary scientific approaches to the study of the mind and the brain question What fields does neuroscience include? answer Neurochemistry (brain chemistry), neurophysiology ( brain physiology),neuroanatomy(anatomy of brain), neuropharmacology (how drugs affect the brain), neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience (study of biological basis of thinking and problem solving) question What does […]

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Neuroscience Test

question The nineteenth century that bumps on the skull reveal a person’s abilities and traits is called: a. evolutionary psychology b. behavior genetics c. molecular biology d. biolological psychology e. phrenology answer E question Dendrites are branching extensions of: a. neurotransmitters b. endorphins c. neurons d. glial cells e. endocrine glands answer C question An […]

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Cell body Largest part of a typical neuron; contains the nucleus and much of the cytoplasm Dendrites A neuron’s bushy, branching extensions that receive messages and conduct impulses toward the cell body Axon the extension of a neuron, ending in branching terminal fibers, through which messages pass to other neurons or to muscles or glands […]

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Neuroscience Test Questions

The main function of myelin is to form a protective coating over nerve axons The part of the nerve cell specialized for conducting information is the axon The cell body of a neuron is also called the soma Neurons are made up of dendrites, a soma, and axons Which of the following is NOT a […]

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Chapter 2: Cognitive Neuroscience

question Cognitive Neuroscience answer study of the physiological basis of cognition question Levels of analysis answer refers to the idea that a topic can be studied at a number of different ways, with each approach contributing its own demonstration to our understanding question What is studied in behavioral and psychological? answer the mind and the […]

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