Test Answers on meteorology

Meteorology Chapter 3

question If the maximum temperature for a particular day is 26°C and the minimum temperature is 14°C, the daily mean would be: answer 20°C question If the maximum temperature on a particular day is 30°F and the minimum temperature is 21°F, then the daily temperature range is: answer 9°F question How is the annual mean […]

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Meteorology Test Questions

Term Definition Another name for visible white frost hoarfrost These particles serve as surfaces on which water vapor may condense condensation nuclei Fog that forms as moist air flows upward along an elevated surface upslope fog Arctic sea smoke and :steam devils" are a form of this type of fog steam fog A tiny liquid […]

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Earth Space Science Climate and Meteorology FLVS

Movement and storage of water between Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere Water Cycle Molecule movement in liquids, solids and gases from slowest to fastest Solid, liquid and gas Water falling from sky including snow, sleet, hail and rain. Precipitation Water turning into a gas because of added heat energy Evaporation Water vapor condenses to form […]

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Meteorology Study Guide

question What is weather? answer The condition of the Earths atmosphere at a particular time and place. question Order the layers of the atmosphere answer Troposphere, stratosphere, Mesoshere, Thermoshere question What is the basic division of the layers? answer The pauses which are temperature differences question What happens in each layer of the atmosphere? answer […]

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