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Medieval Europe Ch. 15

question Describe the lives of peasants in medieval Europe. Include how they lived, worked, religious practices, what they ate, and women’s roles. answer 1. lived in wood framed cottages 2. worked year-round 3. went to church on Catholic feast days 4. women worked in the fields and raised the children at the same time 5. […]

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Chapter 8 – Early Medieval Civilization

question In the early Middle Ages, the three heirs to the Roman Empire shared all of the following except A) the belief that each was chosen by God. B) the same level of literacy and commerce. C) an interaction of local customs and the Roman past. D) the belief that their rulers were God’s agents. […]

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Art and Culture in Medieval Europe

question The Canterbury Tales is helpful to historians because the author describes several people on a pilgrimage. explains the characteristics of a noble knight. indicates the strict class structure of the period. details what clothing was made of at the time. answer indicates the strict class structure of the period. question What was a major […]

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Medieval Humanities ch. 12

What were the characteristics of the medieval Catholic church? Basically a nation. wealthy and powerful, a complex bureaucracy and a large body of secular and regular clergymen What are the “sacraments” and what role do they play in Christian concepts of salvation? Who could administer the sacraments? Why was this important for the Catholic Church? […]

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