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Latin America Study Guide

creoles descendants of europeans born in latin america & lived there permanently Peninsulares Spanish & Portuguese officials who resided temporarily in latin america for political and economic gain mestizos people of Native American and European descent monroe doctrine American policy of discouraging European intervention in latin america caudillo strong leaders who ruled by military force […]

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Chapter 2 Grammar (1st and 2nd Conjugation Verbs, Infinitive, Subject/Verb Agreement)

question A __________________________ is a class of verbs that all follow a certain pattern. answer conjugation question The ________________________ _______________ of a verb provide stems for different verb forms. answer principal parts question The ________________ principal part is the first person singular of the present tense verb form. answer first question The ___________________ principal part […]

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Final Exam_Grammar/Syntax Review

question All nouns whose genitive singular end in ______ belong to the 3rd declension. answer -is question How many genders are there in the 3rd declension? answer all 3 question 3rd declension masculine and feminine nouns _______ case endings. answer share question How do you know the gender of a 3rd declension noun? answer It […]

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Chapter 30-32 Passive Voice Verb Tenses & Grammar Review

question Parāri answer “to be prepared “; infinitive 1st Conjugation, Passive Voice question Habēri answer “to be had”; infinitive 2nd Conjugation, Passive Voice question Mitteri answer “to be sent”; infinitive 3rd Conjugation, Passive Voice question Iaci answer “to be thrown”; infinitive 3rd Conjugation (iō stem), Passive Voice question Audīri answer “to be heard”; infinitive 4th […]

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Grammar Cotidiana

question Certain verbs govern a [a] object instead of an accusative. Verbs of pleasing, [b], [c], [d], resisting, [e], [f], [g] and [h] generally take a [i] object. answer [a] dative [b] trusting [c] believing [d] persuading [e] commanding [f] obeying [g] serving [h] sparing [i] dative question The [a] is used to express [b] […]

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