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Chapter 15 Public Colleges Journal Entries

question 1. In fiscal year 2017, the university was notified by the federal government that in 2018 it would receive a $500,000 grant for wetlands research. answer 01 No Journal Entry Required question 2. The university received a $500,000 endowment. answer 02 Cash 500,000 Revenues—Gifts and Grants 500,000 question 3. For the fiscal year, the […]

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chapter 1 journalism

question anchorman answer CBS coined the word for the person who tells TV audiences about the news and calls on correspondents to provide stories question \”areopagitica\” answer an eloquent plea for free speech, written in 1644 by english poet John Milton, that was later used by American Revolutionionaries question Alexander Graham Bell answer invented the […]

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Journalism 201 Final- Monday 11am

question Which type of paywall allows more flexibility in what users can view without a subscription? Select one: a. Hard Paywall b. Soft Paywall c. Brick Paywall d. None of the above answer B. Soft Paywell question Media outlets that existed before the Internet are called _______________. Select one: a. ProPublica b. legacy media c. […]

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Journalism 101 Final

question American television viewers see an average of how many commercials per week? answer 789 question The first major mass medium to be supported primarily by advertising in the United States was which of the following? answer newspapers question The social process by which people go from having the identities they are born with, to […]

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Chapter 11 Journalism

question The Target department store identifies pregnant women who might want baby product coupons by: answer Tracking the products they buy at the store. question An example of an advocacy message would be which of the following? answer a political ad promoting reduced government spending question Some experts believe even companies with billions of customers […]

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Columbia Journalism School – Writing Test

question Pokémon Go answer question Donald Trump answer question slither.io answer question US Election answer question Brexit answer question Orlando Shooting answer question Zika Virus answer question Panama Papers answer Leaked documents that reveal offshore financial dealings of many political and business leaders, and suggest possible corruption. question Nice answer question Brussels answer question Dallas […]

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Journalism A Flash Cards

You are writing a story about an apartment building destroyed by fire that was probably caused by a space heater. What might be the angle of your story? How dangerous it is to use space heaters Words or phrases that tie the facts or events of a story into a cohesive whole are known as […]

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Journalism 101 chapter 8

Which of the following was first major movie with multiple scenes and a plot? The Great Train Robbery Why did the Hays Office, run by the movie industry, censor films? Because many states and communities were threatening to set up local censorship boards that might have inconsistent standards of what they would or would not […]

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Journalism Exam 2

Phonograph An early sound recording machine invented by Thomas Edison; the recorded material was played back on a cylinder Gramophone A machine invented by Emile Berlin that could play prerecorded sound on flat disks rather than cylinders High fidelity (hi-fi) A combination of technologies that allowed recordings to reproduce music more accurately, with higher high […]

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Summary of source documents and related journal entries

Cash Sales Slip Name the source document required for sale of goods or services for cash. Sales invoice Name the source document required for a sale of goods or services on account. Purchase Invoice Name the source document required for a purchase of goods or services on account. Cheque Copy Name the source document required […]

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Writing for the mass media- Journalism Stovall chapter 5 JMC Reporting with text

question Lead Paragraph answer Most important fact of the story. question straight news lead answer just the major facts about the story question summary news lead answer more than one main fact question blind lead answer people in the story are not named question direct address lead answer speaks directly to the reader question question […]

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Yellow Journalism

SensationalismSensationalism is a method of writing or journalism that adds to the excitement of something in lurid (super tantalizing) way. Joseph PulitzerHe used yellow journalism in competition with Hearst to sell more newspapers. He also achieved the goal of becoming a leading national figure of the Democratic Party. William Randolph HearstHe was a leading newspaper […]

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