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Jazz Writing Test 2

question Where are two places that Ragtime music took place? answer Sedalia, MO and New Orleans, LA. question What happened in 1897 in New Orleans? answer Their mayer, Sidney Story, passes an ordinance moving all houses of prostitution to a 38 square block area which became know as Storyville that had 1500-2200 prostitutes. question Characteristics […]

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Jazz Mirror Review [9/15/2015]

question African cultural music advanced by… answer slave trade question Distinct features of African music answer polyrhythms, pentatonic scale question field holler answer sung by solitary worker, identification question shout answer more defined than field holler, three line stanzas where second line is often repeat of the first question work song answer sung by groups […]

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Survey of Jazz – CH6 – Quiz

question A sideman is answer any musician employed by a bandleader. question Bix Beiderbecke was answer a white cornet player from Iowa. question Coleman Hawkins was an influential soloist on the answer tenor sax. question During the 1920s, Louis Armstrong recorded with answer Sidney Bechet, Bessie Smith, and Earl Hines. question Frank Trumbauer and Bix […]

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Chapter 15 Review – The Jazz Age

question In the 1920’s, most African American voters in the North cast their votes for answer Republicans, the party of Lincoln question Marcus Garvey answer preached a message of separation and independence from whites question Woodrow Wilson embraced answer Eugenics question Sacco and Vanzett answer NEVER admitted their guilt after the evidence against them was […]

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Harlem Renaissance/Jazz Age

Aaron Copland and George Gershwincomposers who wrote uniquely American music Bessie Smithknown as one of the best blues singers in America Harlem RenaissanceA time of great cultural, social, and artistic change that took place in Harlem between the end of World War I and the middle of the 1930s.

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